Fingers Crossed that’ll stay that way for the Entire Second Season as well as the First Half of the Third, Fasttracking Shows from the US that air on FOX has Dis-Advantages in Australia on Free-to-air.


Sorry do you mean each Saturday night? That’s all I can see in any guide.


You capitalised 11 words that didn’t need it :astonished:


A quick scan of the EPG over the next 7 days (and also from memory in recent weeks), it seems part of 9Go!'s strategy is to air a movie EVERY night? The only free-to-air channel to do so.

This seems a bit odd, lazy and perhaps ratings damaging, especially for a multi-channel which does quite well on weekends :confused:

When you look at the other multi-channels during the working week, they’re all airing target specific and alternate or overseas programming (e.g.) the top-raring ‘British mysteries’ shows on 7Two.


It’s been part of their strategy for a long time now. It’s nice to have at least one channel running movies each night if you’re after something s bit different or longer form.


The reason is movies do really really well on Go! It’s called strategy!


I agree. they are filling the void that 7flix was meant to fill :wink:


Technically 7flix do air films each night, overnight (if you’re into golden age flicks from pre-1960) :wink:

I’ve noticed they’ll air a movie on the occasional weeknight (like last week).

But they air up to 4 movies on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.


Tonight at 10.20pm, 9GO! will premiere High Life, an Australian-made series of six short films on Bipolar disorder. It is executive produced by Stephen Fry and stars Odessa Young.


Somehow 9go has got the rights to the original Pokemon series that was a Ten staple for so long and even showing it in the traditional 7:30am timeslot.

The way things are going with Ten, Simpsons could be next. :slight_smile:


For some reason they air at the same time as the newer episodes on 11


I know which episodes I’d choose to watch…


Is the “Gotta Have” thing new? Basically a 9go version of Brand Power.


I think “Gotta Have” has been running on GO!/9Go! for years. I seem to recall discussion about it on the old forums as far back as 2009-10!


###Meet the Hockers

Premiere Tuesday 16 May at 8.30PM

Meet the Hockers, the outrageous new series produced and narrated by Kyle Sandilands, takes you on a journey into the light-hearted, often funny but always surprising world of Aussie pawn stars, Tuesday, May 16, exclusively on 9GO!

Over eight fascinating episodes, Meet the Hockers will lift the lid on the Australian pawnshop trade, exploring the secrets of valuing items that people want to hock.

Step inside the doors of Aceben in Sydney, Australia’s oldest and largest pawnshop, run by the overtly cool Mike Chambers and his team: Pauly, the resident prankster; Jess, a country sweetheart living in the big smoke; Jaz, who calls a spade a spade; and Aaron, the class clown, as they encounter new customers trying to negotiate their way to the best deal.

Find out what financial pinch the customers are in, how they got there, and what other quirky motives they have for cashing in their possessions.

Meet the Hockers is all about big characters, big cash, and big surprises.

From trash to treasure and hot items that can be a little too hot, you’ll never know what’s coming through the door as the nation’s most colourful pawn stars get ready to deal.


Two of the worst movies ever made airing back to back. lol


Which two?


Superman IV and Batman & Robin - airing now.

Probably not a coincidence that they’re airing back to back but I haven’t figured out why yet


Season 8 of The Middle airing Tuesdays.


Just noticed that WWE Raw is on 9Go,! tonight at 11:00pm.