Another long running kids show bites the dust. Now for Toasted TV… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


to be replaced by Cheez TV


[quote=“TheHubMan, post:43, topic:371, full:true”]to be replaced by Cheez TV[/quote]If only that were true! :grin:

I actually watched a littlebit of Toasted the other day and it has nothing on Cheez. Perhaps based largely on nostalgia, but watching back stuff back on YT it’s still how I remember it. :grinning:


Just One New Program on 9GO!'s Schedule Next Week, We Need new Gotham Badly.


I don’t know why you keep asking for it when we’ve been told Nine has onsold this show to Foxtel so they are unlikely to show it on 9Go again.


###Outback Wrangler

From Tuesday 29 November at 7.30pm


Australia’s bravest and most skilful animal catcher, Matt Wright, is all set to take viewers on a death-defying journey when Outback Wrangler premieres next Tuesday, November 29, at 7.30pm on 9GO!

Tracking Matt’s daily encounters with saltwater crocodiles, Outback Wrangler puts you in the front seat of his trusty helicopter on an incredible ride across Australia’s beautiful yet treacherous far north.

Raised in the Aussie bush, Matt has made it his mission to keep animals, locals and the environment out of danger by relocating wildlife he catches in the Northern Territory.

With big machinery, including airboats, helicopters and a new croc-catching tool, the harpoon, the action never stops in this breathtaking rumble in the tropical jungle.

Catch Matt when he drops in to the Today Show this Thursday, November 24, in his first appearance ahead of the series premiere.

Outback Wrangler is produced by The Fordham Company for the Nine Network.


The new “GO! HO! HO!” Christmas Ident:


Why is it when go does something I keep thinking something. It related to ho go santa claws… lol



Friday 16 December at 6.00pm

Award-winning children’s animated series Dogstar returns to Nine with the telemovie Dogstar Christmas in Space on Friday, December 16, at 6.00pm on 9GO!

Once again all the world’s dogs are lost in space, and it’s up to the three Clark kids – Glenn (voiced by Brandon Burns), Simone (Kate McLennan) and Lincoln (Emma Leonard) – to rescue them and bring them all safely home before Christmas.

It is just two days before Christmas in the year 2349, when every dog in the world, including the Clark kids’ beloved pet, Hobart, suddenly disappears. The Clark kids make a pact to find every single dog and bring them home to Earth before Christmas … but not everyone is keen to see the pets return.

Narrated by Shaun Micallef, Dogstar Christmas in Space features an all-star cast of Australia’s most recognised vocal talents, including Marg Downey, Matt Tilley and Michael Veitch.

Join the Clark kids on their ultimate adventure as they make new friends, face old foes and meet new ones. But can they save all the world’s dogs in time for Christmas? Or is it up to some extra special Christmas magic to come to the rescue?

Dogstar Christmas in Space is a Media World Pictures Production, in association with Film Victoria and Daro Film Distribution, for Screen Australia and the Nine Network.




Nine has launched its dedicated kids entertainment brand Go! Kids. It will be broadcast on 9Go! all day, every day and via the on-demand service 9Now, providing a fantastic selection of children’s television programs to families all across Australia.

Go! Kids on 9Go! will have the coolest shows on the planet, including new episodes of Pokémon, Regal Academy, BeyBlade Burst, The Powerpuff Girls and the exciting return of Hi-5 to Nine.
Pokémon fans young and old will rejoice when season 20 premieres in 2017. Until then they can catch ‘em all with classic episodes and Pokémon movies airing each day across the school holidays on 9Go!

Follow Cinderella’s granddaughter Rose and her adventures at magic school when Regal Academy premieres on 9Go! on Monday, December 12, at 3.30pm and continues weekdays.

Join Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup in all-new episodes of The Powerpuff Girls at 4.00pm weekdays on 9Go! and tune in to check out the new generation of the Japanese anime classic BeyBlade Burst at 7.00am weekdays on 9Go!

Hi-5 will make their keenly anticipated return to the Nine Network in 2017 with a refreshed look and reinvigorated lineup. The new series of one of the most dynamic, educational and entertaining kids programs ever shown on Australian television will again be Australian-made and produced.

Buckle up for more side-splitting laughs, awesome guests and your favourite cartoons when Kids’ WB returns as part of the Go! Kids lineup in 2017.

Also back in 2017 are fan favourites including Adventure Time, The Regular Show, Steven Universe, Paw Patrol, Yo-Kai Watch, The Looney Tunes Show and Ben 10.

Go! Kids will provide premier content from the world’s leading studios and brands, including Warner Bros., Turner and DreamWorks. The on-demand companion, 9Now, allows kids and families to catch up on the best of Go! Kids anytime, anywhere.


I wonder if they bought Powerpuff Girls from the open market (WB) or did they sneak this one in from the old output deal


Gotham season two finally premieres on January 7 at 10:20pm.


About Time Too and we’ve got a lotta catching up to do with Gotham.


Why didn’t they air Season 2 in 2016? I Hope it’s Double Episodes every Saturday Night???


Fact: There was a 13 Week (91 Day) Gap between the 11th and 12th Episodes in the States, Come February 11th in OZ they’ll be shown side-to-side.



What about the claims by some that Foxtel had bought it?


well obviously if tvtonight have a article saying it will be on GO, then its going to be on GO…


I had solid information from Nine that they had the rights to season 1 only and as part of the WB deal amendment that Gotham was on the open market.
I cannot explain this at all but will check with Nine.


According to the schedules, Gotham is double episodes each night at least for the first 2 weeks.