7TWO - Programs and Schedules

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TV Tonight ran a story on it recently. But noted (and available in the Sunday multi-channel ratings each week) that it’s been a big success, with 4%+ shares and multiple episodes in the Top 20 between 150k-200k.

Same fashion as TBBT when on 7flix and now on 9Go! Everyone noticed or complained, but doing the job ratings wise.


Series 5 of The Yorkshire Vet premieres tonight at 7.30pm on 7TWO.




Conspiracy theories on Twitter about the delay for tonight’s Powerball draw.


The Lott’s Facebook page has just posted this message:

So it has nothing to do with 7TWO programming tonight.

EDIT: the Powerball numbers were posted just after 11pm AEDT but dividends are yet to be revealed.


Some classy people there :poop:


Surely all these people complaining could check the website which would presumably have the numbers once drawn… they are connected to the internet if posting on Twitter which would be far more convenient than sitting in front of a tv!


I think they’re shown on TV about half an hour before they go up on the website.


Don’t let logic get in the way of rants on social media.