7TWO - Programs and Schedules

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Lifestyle programs eating away at Seven’s AFL audience perhaps?

Make it the whole episode of BH&G for Adelaide. It has always been the case during the AFL season since Seven started showing Friday night matches live from 2012.


I doubt that’d warrant a network programming change though?

I wonder if programmers considered if the night was too similar to the following night (Saturday), with Escape to the Country, etc?

Or maybe Seven are trying to meet quotas/stipulations with their content providers, burn off movies? Which haven’t been airing regularly on Saturdays in a year anyway.


Episode 3

Tuesday 5 June at 9:30PM


Screening 3 episodes over 8 months? Can’t imagine why people aren’t watching


Paddington Station 24/7

From Saturday 14 July at 7:30PM

Step aboard for a unique insight into one of the UK’s busiest train stations, as this fascinating observational documentary goes behind the scenes at London’s Paddington during what will be one of its busiest summers yet. Every year, more than forty million passengers pass through the newly restored station, travelling to destinations across the West Country and South Wales. With new routes and train fleets about to launch, join staff from myriad organisations as they keep these vital and often overcrowded services running during landmark moments and day-to-day challenges – on board the trains, in the control rooms, on the tracks and along the wider network in stations further afield.


Johanna Griggs said she’s got a new starting Friday nights 7Two July 20 8:30pm


More detail synopsis of Paddington Station 24/7: https://www.networkrail.co.uk/new-documentary-series-begins-tonight-paddington-station-247/
7TWO will be showing series 1 of the Channel 5 documentary which aired in the UK on September-October last year. The show was renewed for a second series which aired in the UK in late March to late May this year.

I think it’s called Australia’s Best Homes, it has been promoted on 7TWO in recent weeks.


It is and it has.


Heathrow - Season 3

From Sunday 15 July at 7:00pm

Britain’s busiest and most famous airport opens its doors for an unprecedented look at life inside Europe’s most important transport hub.


7TWO still has this rubbish on.

And bizarrely it’s a repeat … because:



Heathrow - Season 3

From Sunday 19 August at 7:00PM

Britain’s busiest and most famous airport opens its doors for an unprecedented look at life inside Europe’s most important transport hub.


Mrs Browns Boys returning to 7Two on Tuesdays early prime time from next week.


Animated series Kitty is Not a Cat has now got a Chinese distributor, looks like it won’t be too long because it is streamed on one of the digital platforms.


I think they’ve taken 7TWO’s original launch promise for theme nights a little too literally:

When you feel like a whole night of something, that’s exactly what you’ll get


9 repeat episodes of Border Security: Australia’s Front Line from 8pm to 12.30am tonight? That’s ridiculous!


They’ve done that on Sunday nights for a while now!


Could it be a weird tactic to make the viewers switch away to the main channel?



New season of The Yorkshire Vet is coming soon to 7TWO, according to a promo shown tonight during Better Homes and Gardens.


What even, is that?

The complete opposite of Bondi Vet in Old Blighty?