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Children’s shows get virtually no publicity but there were a couple of guest appearances on Drop Dead Weird on 7TWO worth noting.

Shane Withington and Anne Tenney, who once appeared on A Country Practice together as Brendan and Molly and are married in real life, recently made an appearance together as French artists on an episode of Drop Dead Weird.



From Tuesday 16 January at 7:30PM with Episode 2

The series was dropped from the main channel after one episode on Tuesday 12 September at 9:40PM.

Filmed over six weeks during the past three months, Hospital is the story of the NHS in unprecedented times.

Edited and broadcast within weeks of filming, this timely six part series for BBC TWO will capture the day-to-day realities facing the NHS right now.

With exceptional access to one of the UK’s biggest and busiest NHS Trusts, Hospital will bring audiences intensely close to the issues and challenges that continually dominate the headlines.

Each episode will show with exceptional candour the ever-increasing demands on the NHS’s services, from intricate and morally complex medical ethics to health tourism; from A&E overcrowding to cancelled operations.

Shown from multiple perspectives and for the first time, the audience will see the extraordinary dilemmas and decision-making which happen every day for the consultants, surgeons and bed managers, all of which have profound consequences for patients and treatments.

Crews shot across five hospitals at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London to understand the complex decision making and the impact each one can have, following the key decision makers as they attempt to care for nearly 30,000 people every week. But standing in their way are limited resources, an increasing number of emergency patients and a clock that never stops ticking.

Produced in partnership with The Open University.



Murdoch Mysteries - Season 9

From 22 February at 8:30PM in double episodes

Ep 1 As Crabtree serves hard time for the murder of his sweetheart’s abusive husband, Murdoch investigates the stabbing of an inmate who might be connected to the case.

Ep 2 When Mark Twain (William Shatner) stirs up controversy during a speaking engagement in Toronto, Murdoch and his team must protect the esteemed American writer.



Just saw tonight’s Powerball draw on 7TWO at the conclusion of AFLX. I think it’s a one-off so it won’t interrupt Winter Olympics coverage on the main channel. I wonder if OzLotto and Tattslotto draws are shown on 7TWO/7mate during the Winter Olympics?


Repeats of MASH will air on 7TWO at 6pm Saturdays and Sundays starting tomorrow (March 10), according to a new promo aired tonight.


My epg is suggesting Sat 6-7.30 And Sun 4.30-7.30. 6 eps in a row is a touch excessive personally.


Could be repeats the next day. As they did with The Simpsons on Wednesday/Thursday. Apparently, there is no extra charge for a repeat screening within a certain time.


Saturday 10 March
Episodes 1, 2, 3

Sunday 11 March
Episodes 1 to 6

Saturday 17 March
Episodes 7, 8, 9



Week commencing 1 April 2018

Thursday 5 April
9:00 AM Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
6:00 PM Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
10:30 PM Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Friday 6 April
8:30 AM Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
6:00 PM Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
10:30 PM Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Saturday 7 April
8:00 AM Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
12:00 PM Seven’s Horse Racing: Randwick - The Championships Day 1
5:30 PM Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
10:30 PM Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

All time AEST.

Above information has been prepared from information supplied by Seven and is provided as a rough advance guide as exact programming per market is very complex. More details will be provided by Seven closer to the start of the Games.

Seven Network - Programs and Schedules

Has the Seven deal to put Sydney racing on racing.com started?


Animated series Kitty is Not a Cat will premiere on 7TWO this Friday (April 20) at 7.30am.


New UK railway factual series Inside Kings Cross premieres tomorrow (Saturday April 20) at 7.30pm. The four-part series was produced for Channel 5 and aired in the UK in March last year.


Just watched it on 7Plus. My friend and I both enjoyed it.


Seven have made a change to 7Two on Sunday nights from tonight.

Border Security (various formats) re-run marathon still from early prime time to 9:30pm.

But looks like a regular movie now from 9:30pm, tonight is “The Water Diviner”. With Brit Cops and late night Border Security re-runs now gone.

This’ll be the first movie on 7Two I think in over half a year, after they ran regular movie on Saturday nights.


Movie “The Queen” (2006) will air on 7Two tonight at 9:30pm in Melbourne and Adelaide, due to the AFL on the main channel.

Another royal program Harry & Meghan: Royal Rebels will air before it at 8:30pm, after the last hour of Better Homes and Gardens (missed in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth last night on the main channel due to The Front Bar).


:face_vomiting: The only real royal wedding special worth watching is The Windsors on 7 at 10.50pm. :wink:


7Two is changing up Friday nights it seems from next week, with ‘lifestyle night’ (House 100k built, etc) dropped for a movie “The Da Vinci Code” (2006) according to advanced guide.

Melbourne and Adelaide stilll have second hour of BH&G new episode beforehand however.