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Sponsored by Chemist Warehouse as well?




The Durrells - Season 2

From Thursday 12 October at 7:30PM

A warm, funny, feel-good series about a family’s adventures on a gorgeous Greek island when they uproot from their English home in the hope of a better life. Based on Gerald Durrell’s much-loved Corfu trilogy of novels, The Durrells sees impoverished but sparky widow Louisa Durrell make the radical decision to seek out a new destiny for her family when her options in late 1930s England seem to be limited to struggling on or marrying a wealthy but dreary older man.

Concerned that the lives of her four ‘children’, ranging in age from 11 to 21, are heading down the wrong track, she relocates her reluctant brood to a dilapidated house in the Greek sun. This beautifully-shot series follows the family as they adjust to their new life, face a whole new set of challenges and meet new friends, rivals, lovers and animals.


New observational series The Yorkshire Vet is coming to 7TWO on Saturday nights according to a promo tonight. The Channel 5 series is already up to series five in the UK.

Get a glimpse of the true story behind All Creatures Great and Small, the classic series by James Herriot. This six-part series follows staff at the original practice of Alf Wight (James Herriot was his nom de plume) in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Christopher Timothy, star of All Creatures Great and Small, narrates, and Peter Wright, Alf’s former trainee and the current head of practice, offers some insight into the real James Herriot.


Today marks 8 years since the launch of 7two!
Here’s a little lookback


Has it really been that long since 7TWO launched with their own take on Gough Whitlam’s “It’s Time” campaign from 1972? Gee, time flies!


Drop Dead Weird


Seven Studios’ partnership with Ambience Entertainment, the new children’s series, Drop Dead Weird, is now on 7TWO following its successful launch on RTE, the national broadcast network in Ireland

Seven Studios is an investment partner in Drop Dead Weird, produced in Australia and which follows the story of an Australian family who migrate to Ireland to help run their grandad’s B&B only to mysteriously discover their parents have turned into zombies. How and why is a secret but the sitcom action takes place around the escapades and shenanigans that occur as the siblings try to stop their grandad, the guests and the Tubbershandy locals finding out about mum and dad.

Commenting, Niki Hamilton, Executive Producer, Children’s Television for Seven, said: “We are delighted to be a co- venture partner in Drop Dead Weird, with Seven Studios working closely with Ambience Entertainment in producing a delightful kids’ programme for RTE. We look forward to it engaging young audiences here and around the world across every screen.”

The cast of Drop Dead Weird includes Umbilical Brother Dave Collins who plays Zombie dad and Irish actor Pauline McLynn, best known for her role as the nosey housekeeper in Father Ted, who plays the family’s local nemesis.

Drop Dead Weird extends beyond television with specific production aspects and storylines designed for multiple digital platforms. Bruce Champ played by Jack Riley in the series - has his own Youtube Channel “BRUCETUBE” and he’s filming channel content within the programme. This launches simultaneously with Drop Dead Weird and the BRUCETUBE platform currently linked with Seven’s kids Youtube Channel KIDSON7.


Has it already started?

They whinge about kid’s shows struggling to find an audience. Why don’t they promote kid’s shows better?


I think Seven is reluctantly making children’s shows not only to comply with local content laws but also for overseas markets.


Started Monday at 7.30 am.


Thanks. They’re bloody hopeless.

ETA: At least the episodes are up on Plus7.


Watching a repeat of Border Security International, does anyone know if the content was extracted from overseas distributors? Or did Seven produce it (sending teams to Border related agencies around the world, interviewing, etc)?

Always wondered. I’d actually be amazed if it was the latter, given the cost:ratings proportion.

Side note:
I hardly watch 7Two, not really my channel, bar Murdoch Mysteries and these factuals. Odd, given it’s the No. 1 multi-channel.


By what measure?


Well, share (%), along with 7mate & 9Go!

Just checked, 7Two is actually now 0.1% behind the aforementioned multi-channels in YTD. Didn’t realise.

A bloody close race though.


Houdini & Doyle is coming to Thursdays on 7Two.

Not sure if it’ll replace The Durrells, Murdoch Mysteries or both over summer non-ratings.

Promo aired.


Cold Feet - Season 7

From Monday 20 November at 7:30PM

BAFTA winning comedy drama Cold Feet returns, reuniting James Nesbitt, Robert Bathurst, Hermione Norris, John Thomson, and Fay Ripley.

The new eight-part series has been produced by ITV Studios owned indie, Big Talk Productions, and executive produced by series creator and writer Mike Bullen, and CEO of Big Talk Productions Kenton Allen.

We rejoin the characters in 2016 with stories written and conceived once again by Mike Bullen.

t’s been over ten years since we last caught up with the lives of Adam, Pete, Jenny, Karen and David and although many things have changed, deep down they haven’t. Older, but not necessarily wiser, the gang are reunited when Adam returns from working abroad to make an announcement but not everyone is as thrilled as he is.

Pete and Jenny have their own worries. Victims of the economic downturn, working two jobs to make ends meet, Pete is losing his zest for life. Jenny’s work as an Events Organiser is hardly raking it in. The only couple to have stood the test of time, theirs is a marriage set in stone, one which others aspire to, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, David’s marriage to his divorce Lawyer, Robyn has run its course. His professional life also leaves a lot to be desired and David is all too aware of the bright young things in the office ready to jump into his swivel chair. As the pressure of work and his expensive lifestyle mounts, can David retain his professional status without resorting to dirty tricks?

Karen on the other hand appears sorted; her marriage to David well behind her, she’s successfully climbed the ladder at work and raised three children almost singlehandedly. But it won’t be too long before the kids fly the nest and at work she’s hit a glass ceiling. So what’s next? Content and confident, Karen stopped looking for love years ago, but the question is; has love stopped looking for her?

As the series develops we follow the highs and lows of these much loved characters as they, like us, continue to find their way in life.


It’s spliced together from the foreign versions isn’t it? The US, UK and Canadian versions have all aired on TV in New Zealand, as well as the ‘International’ version (and of course the original NZ show). I’m not sure if Seven puts it together themselves though.


Houdini & Doyle

From Thursday 7 December at 9:30PM

In turn of the century London, an unlikely crime solving pair emerges in Harry Houdini, the brash and boastful American escape artist, and Arthur Conan Doyle, the gentleman literary father of detective Sherlock Holmes. Each fiercely competitive with the other, Houdini and Doyle go to any lengths to prove the other wrong while investigating Scotland Yard’s most unsolvable crimes. Yet in the end, it is their reluctant teamwork that ultimately unravels the mystery behind each baffling case.

First broadcast Aug 2016, cancelled after one season.


Believe so. From memory Grant Bowler narrates the international version.


He came a long way since Blue Heelers in the early 90s :smile:

As a side note, he was visibly present during the first season or two of Border Security (2004/2005?) but was then never seen again, just heard.