Yeah, I reckon 7 would be paying very little to show this, if anything or it might even be PIF paid programming. I suspect it’s be a year to year deal. They’ll fulfil this year and that’ll be it.


Very impressed with the WTC content available on 7+. it has full replays of all 3 sessions, pre-match, lunch break, and tea break, day 1 highlight (48mins), and a 10min mini too.

2nd session started at 10:10 pm & by 11:30 pm they had the full replay of session 1 & the lunch break posted.

Maybe a glimpse into what/how they will be doing things with the new cricket and AFL broadcast deals which include 7+


In the U.S they paid The CW to carry it. They tried to pay Fox to carry it but negotiations broke down. There’s no way Seven paid for this.

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That’s my suspicion too. It’s low value content.


7plus will stream new episodes of Shortland Street on July 3, picking up from last season’s cliffhanger.


Shortland Street secures new home in Australia

New Zealand’s #1 drama exclusive to 7plus from 3 July

7plus is to become the new home of the long-running and hugely popular New Zealand drama series, Shortland Street in Australia, following a broadcast partnership deal with South Pacific Pictures and All3Media.

Streaming free on 7plus from Monday, 3 July, with new episodes dropping 3.00pm weekdays, Shortland Street will resume screening in Australia from one of the biggest cliff-hangers in the show’s 30-year history, where the staff of the hospital were left in shock as flames overtook the building.

Head of 7plus Acquisitions, Andrew Green, said: “7plus is the proud home of Australia’s #1 drama and we’re delighted to welcome New Zealand’s #1 drama to the family. Shorty’s Aussie fans have waited long enough!”

South Pacific Pictures’ CEO, Kelly Martin, said: “We are thrilled to have 7plus as our broadcast partner screening Shortland Street in Australia. We’ve had a huge amount of feedback from fans in Australia who are eager to continue watching the show and we are thrilled that 7plus have helped us to make that happen.”

Shortland Street is an engaging and entertaining combination of high stakes medical drama, romance and suspense, now in its 31st year on screen.

The series has seen over 1.5 million New Zealand viewers on average per week tune in to watch more than 7,000 episodes, as their favourite Ferndale residents deal with love, life and loss while they navigate their personal and professional lives.

Shortland Street Stream free 3.00pm weekdays from Monday, 3 July on 7plus


Recent FAST changes on 7+:



  • 7now
  • ICC Aus v India Replays
  • Shemaroo


  • Family Fun

just had a quick look, it’s just Australian Idol re-runs?

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Gotta keep that trademark away from 7-Eleven somehow, just throw together some FAST channel.


No it’s a mix of Australian content. It was briefly named Family Fun. I’ve seen Australian Idol, Ultimate Tag and another reality show I can’t quite remember show up in the EPG.

XMLEPG saves the EPG for ~24 hours, which will give you an idea of what sort of programming is on these 7-curated FAST channels. It’s a shame they only show now/next/later on the app.

Australian TV Guide - XMLEPG - 7+


So they show an episode every weekday of Shortland St so it will still be behind ?

Why not just dump 4 months of previous episodes and upload the episode after it has aired in NZ? Guess they aren’t allowed to.

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A promo on Shortland Street coming to 7plus aired in Melbourne this evening, during Seven News.


With all the people who have been recent additions only in the last month or two so if they’re showing episodes since the beginning of the year it’s going to be a while before those people are in here.

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Law and Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders has been added to 7Plus

Ws shown on Nine a few years ago.

Since when (and why) is JAG on 7plus and not 10/P+, given it only airs on 10Bold?

And everything expires in one day…

They are given a certain amount of time before it expires. Usually about 6 months . There is no way they would only upload of JaG complete series and give you only one day to watch the whole series. You probably was just too late to find it.

Also distribution can spread ,it can air on 10 Bold but 7plus can have the actual streaming rights on its platform.

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Oh I know that, I was just wondering why it was on 7plus. It would only have aired on 10 before, correct? I know it used to be on 10play at some point.

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As I said the streaming rights are probably different to broadcasting rights so obviously 7 managed to get the streaming rights from 10play.

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Also they’re not always exclusive anymore. 10 may have FTA + catch up, but 7 has streaming only. Many grey areas these days.

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I just checked and the latest episode is Monday 12 June of Shortland St.