7mate - Programs and Schedules

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wtf is this show about? I thought maxim was a dirty porno mag, those caps do not look like dirty time.


Maxim is similar in format to FHM magazine.



“Maxim TV Reporter / Ultra Tune Rubber Girl”


James Kerley hidted the original series as well but with Lana Kington last time.


No fellas…wrong rubber. :rofl:


wrong country, this is what a rubber is.

Jesus Christ I thought existence was already painful


Did she shake up a bottle of Coke as an example of what happens if you open a hot radiator cap? I hope the exploding Coke didn’t mess up her bleached hair.


Yes - Jasmin, Ultra Tune Rubber Girl No 2, did shake her Coke bottle and later used the straw to check the coolant. They did break the steps down quite well though starting with one of the most important - to drive into the workshop.


Neil Mitchell interviewed them on radio a couple of years back, think they’ve been an Australian Open sponsor, after one ad caused a bit of a stir at the time.

According to one of them, they’re “professional actors” but in real life look/sound every bit as much, one admitted to owning a Lamborghini or something.


no FG thread

Tonight’s new episode of Family Guy was really good, it was the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics themed. A shame they couldn’t have aired it earlier in the year when it was on. I take it this episode isn’t fast tracked and would’ve aired around then in the US?


It only aired in the US on Monday (their Sunday).


7mate changing their schedule from next week (first non-ratings week), notably more Simpsons across the board (as noted in that thread) while movie gone from Monday night and Highway Patrol re-runs gone from Tuesday night, in favour of American Pickers and Motorway Patrol. WBBL cricket also over weekend.


Actually there’s still only 4 episodes for the week.

Wednesday 5 December
7.30 s15e14 The Ziff Who Came To Dinner
8.00 s15e15 Co-Dependants Day

Thursday 6 December
5.00 s15e14 The Ziff Who Came To Dinner (Encore)
5.30 s15e15 Co-Dependants Day (Encore)
7.30 s15e16 The Wandering Juvie
8.00 s15e17 My Big Fat Geek Wedding

Friday 7 December
6.00 s15e16 The Wandering Juvie (Encore)
6.30 s15e17 My Big Fat Geek Wedding (Encore)


Could’ve sworn I saw a couple around midday and 1pm? Must’ve changed from my last check.


I’m quite impressed with the BBC’s NFL Show (shown on 7mate on Fridays)… while it may lack the production values of an American offering, at least it doesn’t presume you know the game and every player… intimately… but it strikes the balance well between that and presuming you know nothing and totally dumbing it down…

The chemistry between the hosts works quite well too.


Futurama coming to 7mate next year, another 2019 promo - “7mate animation”.


Another 20C Fox pick-up.

Probably will be added to Wednesday anination night? Very much like the old Ten ‘animation fixation’ night now! Wonder if they’ll now strip Simpsons and add other animations on more nights too?

This year, it absolutely dominated young viewers on multi-channels in the ratings, its total people also looked fairly healthy, consistently above 3% share.


Good move.


Seven couldn’t treat Futurama any worse than the first time they had it, I guess.


Would rather they had Bob’s Burgers.