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Not good enough excuse, been that way for at least a year now and still nothing. Advertisers don’t want to pay for minimal viewers. I don’t mean to be harsh here.

Typo, thank you Bort.

Alright, fair enough dig, but I did genuinely feel Mean Girls has been done to death on the one network.


And The Fast and the Furious hasn’t?


But I’m positive it’s been on multiple networks over 17 years? Yes, umpteenth repeat, but not as bad when one network airs the same two movies as nauseam every month or two.


Can’t really blame the networks though when they have to fill three or four channels while trying to keep a lid on costs each year.


Forgot to post last night, on-air PRG had “2 Fast 2 Furious next Thursday”. All but confirming a marathon over successive weeks I’d say and again possibly last time these air before shifting to Nine.
Even though guides said “TBA” for next Thursday and probably even official guide provided by the network.


Season 3 of Black…Ish premieres next Wednesday at Midnight, Nearly 2 Years after the U.S. Premiere.


Outback Opal Hunters

From Tuesday 2 October at 8:30PM

Rookie Opal Hunters Dan and Justin leave their families behind, risking all to chase an opal fortune. Staking a claim on a legendary site, will their luck continue or come to a costly end?


Mine Kings

From Tuesday 2 October at 9:30PM

A renowned gem hunter and an Aussie miner are on a mission to find the world’s most precious gems. The team travels to Madagascar, to one of the few places in the world where a single mine can produce sapphires of every colour of the rainbow.


Season 30 of The Simpsons debuts on Sunday 30 September in the US.

Hopefully the episode will air on Wednesday 3 October on 7mate.


American Dad - Season 14

From Wednesday 3 October at 10:00PM

Stan Smith works for the CIA and is constantly on the alert for terrorist activity. Stan will go to the extremes to protect his beloved America from harm.


Quality synopsis there, Seven


Seven’s EPG is shocking, ever since they changed it mid last year (when they removed the extra info, such as year of production/repeat or not/classification consumer advuce).
Used to have a truncated synopsis in front of that.

Now, they use different synopsis, more like a generic one copied from the provider (rather than individually paraphrased ones) and most of the time gets cut off because it’s reached the character limit (i.e.) “he’ll have to go to the end of…”


Thank god for Space Jam.


I’m seriously considering Batman Begins which follows it.


Deadly Down Under

From Thursday 11 October at 8:30 PM

Pauly Fenech is setting his sights on exploring the peculiar side of Australian culture and finding it’s deadliest creatures in DEADLY DOWN UNDER.

Joining him on his expedition are presenters Jacqui, Elle Cooper and Pauly’s trusty hunting sausage dog, Fonz.

They’ll dive with great white sharks, handle venomous snakes and wrestle crocodiles, meet with the survivors of deadly attacks, and they’ll trawl the history books for the deadliest events on record.

Viewers will find out what happens when these creatures attack, and how they kill.

And perhaps the deadliest creature of all is Mother Nature. How do you spot and prevent Australia’s biggest ocean killer – the rip?

DEADLY DOWN UNDER includes an impressive spread of fair dinkum’ Aussie characters; whether they are down at a rowdy tent boxing event, a heated jelly wrestling competition or sinking a few at the local pub.


This date was already released to guides a week ago, unusual, normally premiere dates secret everywhere, promos just been saying “coming soon” too.


X Games commence live Friday week in prime time. This won’t rate and will send the channels share down. Does it have a core following anyway, where’s the value for Seven? Literally been promoting it all year.


I just looked in the TV guide & saw that 7mate have scheduled Fat Pizza (the 2003 movie) at 9pm, followed by repeat eps of the 2nd season of Housos, for this Thursday. Fat Pizza hasn’t aired on FTA since Nine aired it back in January 2006.

Interesting when you consider that the 2014 movie, Fat Pizza vs Housos, aired on Ten.


Interesting? How?