7mate - Programs and Schedules

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Hats off to them for trying to be innovative but I didn’t understand it. I am not their target audience though so should shut up


I forgot all about it.

Needed to be on the main channel.


not really ,it wasn’t aimed for the main Channel it was always aimed for 7 mate since 7 mate always had the targeted audience it was looking for its a pity channel 7 did what did it , obliviously commercial tv doesnt want the gaming genre which is a shame esp for the gaming population of australia my self included


It would not have fired with mainstream audiences


It was on late so mainstream audiences shouldn’t matter so much. Not sure if it improved but from the few episodes I watched at the start the show wasn’t that good

The Zone was the best video game show. They should’ve just brought that back.


“Sydney X Games” sponsoring the Jason Bourne movies marathon over the next month on Sundays.

Latest promo aired on 7mate, also with the channels usual over-the-top V/O:

“Every Sun… {pause} Sun-Damon”

“…4 movies with Matt Damon, Matt Damon, Matt Damon and, uh, this guy {referring to Jeremy Renner}”

:joy: :expressionless:


FInally 7mate are doing what 7flix could’nt, airing the Rest of Season 2 of Black-Ish, It;s Very Good if you watch or just DVR It, as Seven had’nt had the Opportunity the other Networks around the World had, But Now The Catch Up Must Start.


MASH being added to 7mate’s programming, 6:30pm Monday week.


Promo aired this morning before Game Day.


Why can’t Black_Ish be shown more Punctually and in Double Episodes?


Deadly Down Under

Coming to 7mate in September

Pauly Fenech discovered Australia’s #1 Bogan. Now he’s setting his sights on finding Australia’s deadliest creatures.

Creator of Bogan Hunters, 7mate’s highest rated program ever, Pauly continues his exploration of Australian culture and alongside his trusty hunting sausage dog Fonz, will travel across Australia in search of the deadly of the deadliest beasts in DEADLY DOWN UNDER.

Pauly, together with presenters Jacquie Rodriquez and Elle Cooper, will dive with great white sharks, handle venomous snakes and wrestle crocodiles; they’ll meet with the survivors of deadly attacks; and they’ll trawl the history books for the deadliest events on record. Viewers will find out what happens when these creatures attack, and how they kill.

And perhaps the deadliest creature of all is Mother Nature. How do you spot and prevent Australia’s biggest ocean killer – the rip?

DEADLY DOWN UNDER includes an impressive spread of fair dinkum’ Aussie characters; whether they are down at a rowdy tent boxing event, a heated jelly wrestling competition or sinking a few at the local pub.

Pauly says he is excited to showcase the most dangerous and majestic features of Australia,

“This is Steve Irwin meets Pauly Fenech with a touch of Bear Grylls and Instagram models all thrown in the mix. Deadly Down Under blends the most dangerous animals on the planet, Australia’s greatest mysteries and the beauty and danger of Down Under’s natural environment.”

“I think I must be Australia’s only croc-wrestling, snake-catching, Harley-riding comedian/explorer. What a great job!”

DEADLY DOWN UNDER has wrapped filming and will be airing on 7mate in September.


Great to see a channel dishing up so much first run, Aussie content. Might help explain the channel’s impressive top position this year.


New season of Ink Master premieres on Thursday 9 August at 8:30pm with a double episode.

Possibly the longest promoted show this year? Holy shit, they’ve been airing those promos since about March or April! If it doesn’t rate very well for 7mate EPIC fail :neutral_face:


Aussie Salvage Squad

From Tuesday 7 August at 8:30PM

Produced by Fredbird Entertainment, Aussie Salvage Squad explores the world of marine salvage and rescue.

Filmed in the Whitsundays it focuses on the high-stakes salvage work carried out by Luke Purdy and his team of marine rescue experts. Triggered by deadly storms, cyclones and natural disasters, every salvage job comes with natural adversaries, time-critical decisions and real-time jeopardy.

Craig Graham, Fredbird Executive Producer said, “It’s a big, noisy show full of larger than life characters. Aussie Salvage Squad reveals the real-life behind-the-scenes work that goes on to keep our coastlines safe from toxic spills, environmental hazards and marine wreckage. It’s heroic work and not without its risks. Big trucks, big boats, big machinery, a superb cast, and lots of sweat and mud – 7mate’s audience is going to love it.”


Ink Master - Season 7

From Thursday 9 August at 8:30PM


Highway Thru Hell - Season 4

From Tuesday 7 August at 9:30PM


Predator movie marathon promo Mondays on 7mate tonight (aired during Front Bar).

“Every movie”. Some will be network premieres, assuming Seven have Alien vs Predator Requiem and Predators.

And hazard a guess Alien movie marathon will be next.


Seven have conceded new Ink Master Revenge (which was promoted for months) has tanked in the ratings (2% shares last couple of Thursdays), bumped to late night.

Replaced with “The Fast and the Furious” (2011) movie, possibly last time too before Nine get it. “National Treasure” movies did 5% shares Thursdays preceeding that, speaking of which, are repeated on 7flix this weekend.

Good to see a network setting a high bar for a multi-channel which is having a record year, unlike Ten who seemingly couldn’t give a stuff about Eleven.


Or are still going through an process of being acquired by new owners and will be rebranding and acquiring new content for its multi-channels towards the end of the year.


The Fast and the Furious was released in (2001).


Released three years before Mean Girls (2004) which would make it even older than the hills.