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line-up change

From Thursday week:

Double Air Crash Investigations and Close Encounters etc gone, as movie re-runs return (Battleship and Dredd). However, one ep of Air Crash remains at 7:30pm.

Originally changed when Thursday AFL was airing for non-AFL markets on main channel there (used to just be x3 H&A and a movie), but not sure they worked that well, with multiple bad (for this channel) 1% shares on Thursdays so far this survey.

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Just noticed no first run (or repeat) Storage Wars tonight? Replaced with double Motorway Patrol re-runs, followed by the usual movie (the latter still had the “warsome Mondays” promos but looked edited to detail the movies and remove the Storage which was previously featured). Were they not rating well? Or some other reason, wonder if strategic to shift eyes over to main ch for Blow Up? @TV.Cynic

American Pickers - Season 18

From Monday 29 May 6:00 PM

Mike and his crew of experts attempt to pull off impossible restorations no others would attempt.


Season 18 of American Pickers aired in the U.S. from late 2017 - early 2018. I didnt realise that we are that far behind.

Im assuming that Foxtel has first rights to the newer seasons?

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