7mate - Programs and Schedules

Really is the same concept isn’t it.

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When Housos first started, it was good. But as the seasons went on, the jokes and crude humour has sadly stayed the same and got boring quite quickly. Same with Pizza. Great on SBS. Frail on 7Mate. This is coming as a Paul Fenench fan.

Am sure Local Council will have the same actors in it as all of Fenech’s previous shows, and will have the same sort of jokes and storylines.

I will tune into the first ep, but not being optimistic with this one sadly…


lmao 7plus is still showing border security when theres supposed to be mad max the road warrior on 7mate

Mustn’t have the streaming rights.

According to Sunday Herald Sun’s Fiona Byrne, Dermott Brereton and Elise Elliott will host a new show called Cool Cars premiering on 7mate this March. The show, which has been filming around Melbourne in recent weeks, sees a number of well-known Victorians opening up their garages and taking their four-wheeled pride and joy for spin with the hosts.



Sounds like a rip off of Jay Leno’s Garage.

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found out that lethal weapon 2 is being repeated today at 12:40pm

did they do this last week as well

i know they did repeat movies from the previous night before on monday, like the amazing spider man 2 (andrew garfield one)

but i dont remember if they did this on tuesday last week (feb 7th) or not

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Extreme Tow Truckers has been sold to Channel 5 UK and ABC Sat France at this week’s London Screenings.

American Pickers - Season 17

From Monday 20 March at 6pm

Ep1 : Free styling on the road. Mike and Frank aim to check off all the boxes on their flyer as they pick some real treasures in this clip show.

Storage Wars: New York

Series premiere Monday 20 March 8pm.

Ep 1 The buyers are hoping that a revamped Harlem, home to historic brownstones and new money, might also play host to untold treasures.

Currently on 7mate in Melbourne is the movie Little Women, interesting programming decision given its target audience.

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Going to assume this is what’s airing in non AFL states on Seven, so they’ve just done the 7 - 7mate switch?


It’s because this is the main channel movie in other markets, so the markets missing out can still watch and also register an audience and they most likely don’t want to muck around 7Two or others just because of a genre/target for one night. There’s been other odd fits on 7mate with this same situation, usually Saturday nights though, such as Finding Dory, The Good Dinosaur, The BFG premieres in 2018. And Pretty Woman, Notting Hill to name a couple more. I guess that channel’s demographic in those markets will all be watching Channel 7’s AFL or another channel, almost like those channel’s therefore switch to 7mate for the tiemslot, yes would probably have a weird impact (although small) on weekly demographic shares for 7mate. Like @Nicholas said.

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Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under - Season 2

From Tuesday 4 April 8:30 PM

Follows Australian and New Zealand hardcore towing companies as they battle it out to win the toughest and most lucrative tow contracts in the Southern Hemisphere. .

Ep 1: Tempers flare as Parks Towing takes on a high pressure truck recovery from the bottom of a steep gully in the snowy mountains of Canterbury, New Zealand.

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