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I mean it looks mostly phone filmed so it’s not really main-channel worthy.

The Farmer roadblock tonight sees Criminal Intent pushed back to 8pm, due to having to air Dogs earlier to finish by 7pm (rather than pause and resume). They’ve added another Dogs ep at 7:05pm after the roadblock as filler, CI can’t start until 7:30pm anyway due to classification, hence. Back to normal from tomorrow night.

First Dates UK

Valentines Special (S05 E22)
Thursday 23 May 7:30pm
Comedian Vince has rarely received cards from anyone other than his mom, but he’s hoping this Valentine’s his luck will change.

Christmas Special (S05 E23)
Tuesday 28 May 7:30 pm
Stunning 29-year-old operations manager Yasmin is matched with a 31-year-old dental practice manager named Ryan with a perfect smile.

Season 7 Premiere Celebrity Special
Thursday 30 May 7:30 pm
The red carpet has been rolled out and the best silver polished to perfection, as the First Dates restaurant opens its doors to some Very Important Daters.

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First Dates UK

Tue 04/06/2024 07:30 PM Christmas Special S07 E02
Wed 05/06/2024 07:30 PM Valentines Special S07 E03
Thu 06/06/2024 07:30 PM First Dates UK S07 E04

On Monday 3 June Criminal Intent will air a second ep (S7 E14 “Assassin”) at 8:30pm instead of an SVU, most likely due to classification (MA15+?) This season was given MA by the CB in 2016 for DVD release with “strong violence and autopsy scenes”. There could be other episodes this season in this situation too. Obviously Seven decided not to edit or couldn’t, for it to air at 7:30pm the next Sunday. Meaning the alternate detective teams will switch days from the following week, with Goren & Eames on Sundays and Logan & Falacci (Wheeler returns from leave the week after) on Mondays.

[Courtesy: @aarontvcentral’s TV Central: Guides: 7flix Schedule]

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The US comedy Lopez v Lopez will finally get an airing on 7flix. It will just air as double episodes on a Friday at the end of the month in the afternoon around 4pm.

Still no news on the final season of The Goldbergs for broadcast.


Lopez Vs Lopez (Season 1)

From Friday 28 June 3:30 pm double episodes.