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I kinda agree here, free to air will always have place, because advertisements keeps it going . Sadly it’s full of repeats and random reality crap but most people would,prefer that then paying an arm and a leg for streaming services.

This topic discussion popped up on my forums recently.

I realise that FTA still matters. But why is Seven keeps holding back new episodes? Do they not know that Australia is heading toward two years behind the US?

Know one really know what seven are thinking and I probably think it has more to do with Disney+ then Seven, if repeats are coming back to Seven, then Disney+ must have the new ep rights before any free to air . Who knows. No one really knows.

I was also told the Fox output (signed back in early 2018 before Disney bought them) is yet to expire, hence Simpsons returning, would seem it was a Seven decision they were pulled from 7flix earlier this year.

Not sure this includes newer Fox / “20th Century” titles though, since Disney took ownership, which we have also seen on Seven, such as Call of the Wild recently (interestingly Seven used a Disney ender when this aired).

And then there’s Disney proper titles that returned the past 12-24 months since airing on Nine / 10. Previous Disney output was signed back around 2014-2015.

So seems there’s a few different/overlapping content supply agreements on the go here. Also note any Fox or Disney (and WB now lapsed) title does not get uploaded to 7Plus unlike Seven’s other providers nor available to rent on iTunes/Google TV/YT Movies&TV/Amazon Shop etc. WD Co. highly protective of Disney Plus subs. I’ve always felt licencing with FTA (Seven) is more a promo/advertising push, you often see an almost obligatory Disney+ ad air before/during/after one of their titles airs on TV.

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The Fox output deal from 2018 expires next year?

Season 3 of original UK version of Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly starts on 7flix on Sunday, September 3 at 6.30pm. The first two seasons aired at various times on the main channel.

It follows the conclusion of the first season of Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia on 10 this Thursday night.


Various episodes of season 3 aired on the main channel this year with the final on 28 June.

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Coming to Saturday afternoons 2:00pm 9 September.

Puppy School

From Monday 18 September 6:30 pm Double episodes

Meet the pint size police dog litter as they begin their journey’s to hopefully make it as operational police dogs, as well as a fresh litter of adorable mobility pups and baby biosecurity beagles.

This series was originally planned to go to air last year on the main channel on Saturday nights at 7pm Sep/Oct. The idea was scrapped though a couple of eps may have made it to air in Perth.


It’s nearly a month and still no news on the return. Why is Seven still screwing fans over?

That’s what I got told and they’re usually always correct :man_shrugging: I mean Simpsons returning (to 7mate) is a positive sign, as well as a lot of first run Walt Disney and 20th C movies very recently too, another one on 7flix Friday week Ron’s Gone Wrong (2021)

But what about American Dad and Family Guy?

Yes I was told the new seasons would premiere on 7mate this month and that Seven still have those series rights, as well as the Fox output contract yet to end, but apart from that sorry I don’t know any more :slight_smile:

update - 7flix programming:

Seven have bumped Bondi Vet re-runs to 5:50pm, with Puppy School now in from 6:30pm on Mondays, classic First Dates on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and How To Look Younger on Thursdays, with Fridays - Sundays unchanged with movies / Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly.

update 2:

CI and SVU will be reduced to about 2 eps per week (only 1 ep on Sundays and Mondays) due to catching up with what rights Seven currently have (going off 7Plus it appears up to S5 for CI and S6 which is also currently airing on broadcast so fast approaching for SVU), with the OG L&O given more broadcast eps on Sundays and Mondays (for months it was only 1 ep per week for this series). Hopefully Seven can and do get more seasons, for continuity for viewers, they’ve been rating too (currently 7flix’s most consistent performer including FTA share).
It could have something to do with Nine’s lapsed NBC-U output (which Seven and Foxtel now re-signed), as 9Now still had CI S6, SVU S10 & S11 and L&O S11 at last check a month or so ago.