Ellen Fanning again hosting tonight, with guest reporter Ray Martin.


Kumi Taguchi hosting tonight.
EDIT: Kumi also hosting on Thursday (April 26).


Laura Tingle to debut on ABC’s 7.30, TONIGHT

strong textMonday April 30th at 7.30pm


Laura Tingle, one of Australia’s best journalists and top political analysts, will make her ABC debut tonight as the Chief Political Correspondent for nightly current affairs flagship 7.30.

A journalist, author and essayist, Laura Tingle has spent most of her 35-year career in journalism reporting on Australian federal politics, and the country’s major policy debates.

Formerly the political editor of The Australian Financial Review, Tingle will provide expert reporting and in-depth analysis of Australian federal politics and the country’s major policy debates. She will also write a weekly column for the ABC website.


Not you too!



Airs on 7.30 Monday 14 May

In an Australian TV exclusive, 7.30 anchor Leigh Sales will interview former Secretary of State and 2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. Weeks after her exclusive interview with former FBI director, James Comey, Leigh follows up with another must-watch TV event. Airs Monday May 14, 7.30 on ABC and iview.



In SA and NT, 7.30 will not be shown on the main channel this Tuesday to Thursday (May 22 to 24) due to Stargazing Live. Instead it will be shown on ABC News channel on these nights at 7.30pm local time while other states have ABC Evening News.


Laura Tingle again on 730 or any ABC news program. What has happened to the ABC journo they’d usually interview? Why are they choosing to ignore their own and go for someone outside?


Laura Tingle is an ABC journo.


Thanks @TheMoreYouKnow, who did she replace and what is her role?


She replaced Andrew Probyn as the 7.30 Political correspondent. Probyn replaced Chris Uhlmann as Political Editor (Uhlmann went to Nine).


She is 7.30’s political reporter.


I thought Chris Uhlmann was the political editor at ABC?

Did you mean Sabra Lane as political correspondent for 7.30?


Chris moved to Nine last year replacing Laurie Oakes.


Sabra took over AM more than a year ago…


Stan Grant hosting the show tonight.



I really like the new graphics package, but the lighting and the set - particularly the desk are just completely off. Due for a refresh very soon!


It just had one, you’re looking at it!


A set refresh, really?