Changed from blue a few months ago, I think the panels were altered a bit too. Much brighter and fresher.

I prefer the square desk to the old round one they shared with Lateline.



Fairfax journalist demonstrating how little he knows about the subject matter. “Five nights a week”…


Chris Urquhart freelancing at ABC for 7:30


Leigh is “going away for a few weeks”, Stan Grant will be filling in for her.


An old Twitter super from the previous graphics package appeared on the show tonight.


Virginia Trioli hosting tonight



Trioli absolutely savaged Leyonhelm. Amazing.


Incredible interview.

7.30 seemed very punchy tonight with three interviews and then one lighter story after - perhaps worth exploring as an occasional format change. The days of three or four packaged stories only are surely over.


I’ve never watched 7:30 before, but I like Virginia in this format much more than I do on News Breakfast and thought she did a great job overall.




Leigh approved :joy:

She impressed others as well
Virginia is also hosting tonight.


I’m still waiting for Emma Alberici to fill in for Leigh Sales. She should be the main fill in for 7.30 Report.


This is how interviews should be done. When the interviewee indulges in answer evasion, interviewer needs to keep pursing. Trioli did this perfectly. Steve Austin does similar on ABC Brisbane.


A while ago now, but Emma was a regular fill-in for Kerry O’Brien for 7.30 Report before she was Europe correspondent.


They should have a Melbourne Set (as a back up) for Virginia and others to present from. The show could still be controlled from Sydney.


Stan Grant hosting tonight.


9/7/2018 - Ellen Fanning hosting tonight.


Ellen is hosting this week.