Because the equipment in the studio is not end of life. ABC upgrade when they have to. Especially with their funding cuts. Upgrading studios and panels isn’t cheap.


Is 7.30 broadcast from Melbourne? Because if so, what did that $60 million dollar upgrade include then?


No. Broadcast from Sydney. As I said, the studio equipment is not end of life. The Melbourne studios were extended, which was the main purpose of the project. ABC will tender at some point for a company to update all their studios in one go. Cheaper that way.




Like many things at the national broadcaster, I’d imagine that upgrades to HD production at ABC TV News & Current Affairs will eventually happen whenever the budget permits them to do so.


Virginia Trioli is hosting tonight


There was a tender to update the news studios around the country last year. The project has already updated some of the studios so the studios are HD capable but not actually outputting in HD


Some more caps from this week:




The graphics looks like absolute schamozzle when it’s not HD. Coupled with the random, crappy teal lighting in the studio, and I think I prefer the older 7.30 package better.


Lateline used to be shot on the same set as 730 - just from a different angle with different colours. I wonder whether any other programs use that set now that Lateline is gone?




Great investigative journalism by Mark Willesee into the Walking Wounded charity tonight.


Virginia Trioli is hosting tonight (as well as Q&A).


Leigh Sales interviews former FBI Director, James Comey.

Thursday 19 April at 7.30pm

In an Australian exclusive, 7.30’s Leigh Sales sits down with former FBI Director James Comey in New York.

Comey was sensationally sacked by President Donald Trump last May. His new book and its explosive insider account of the 2016 US election has triggered a furious response from Donald Trump, who has described Comey on Twitter as a “Slimeball” and “the worst FBI director in history”.

Trump’s decision to fire Comey triggered the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to head the ever-widening probe into allegations of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

In his only Australian interview, Comey will tell Sales about his face to face meetings with President Trump, the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and his knowledge surrounding Russian interference in the 2016 US election.


Holy shit, now that’s a huuuuge get. Will be watching.

That’s why Leigh was off last night “on assignment”.


Meanwhile Andrew Bolt will be suffocating in a cloud of his own faux outrage calls of “out of control” whipping his followers into a anti ABC frenzy.


I’m sure Leigh would love to interview Trump as well for balance… but I doubt he will.


Ellen Fanning presenting tonight.


Thursday 10 May

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