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There have been two nights this week alone where there was enough content for 7.30 to sinks its teeth into but it was missing from our screens. Wrong decision by the ABC to take it off the air.


AFL’s plans for a women’s competition

7.30 guest reporter Libbi Gorr investigates

Tonight on 7.30 on ABC & iview, guest reporter Libbi Gorr explores the brave new world of the AFL women’s competition
Libbi Gorr pulls her jumper back on and takes to the field for 7.30 to investigate the AFL’s plans for a women’s competition.
With behind-the-scenes access and illuminating and candid conversations with people charged with escorting the AFL into the world of women’s sport, Libbi Gorr brings you an exclusive ground level view into what it takes to revolutionise a national game.

For AFL isn’t just any old game. It’s so often seen as a reflection of the culture and times we live in. And for the AFL, a boys club at its best, to allow women into their sport is going to take some shift…not just of attitude, but of infrastructure and talent.

Tonight’s special 7.30 report explores the touchy subjects of television rights, paying to play, and women tackling each other. Where are they are going to play? Who will watch them play? Will the game that is ‘more than just a game,’ change the state of play for women in general, and not those just on the field?


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks with Leigh Sales tonight on 7.30


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She interrupts everyone and goes on crazy crusades to prove immature little points.

I’ve said this many times before but she needs to be replaced.


On 7.30 tonight – Doug Anthony Allstars have the last laugh

Tonight on 7.30 guest reporter Libbi Gorr speaks exclusively with The Doug Anthony Allstars

In an exclusive interview tonight on 7.30 on ABC & iview, The Doug Anthony Allstars - Australia’s iconic bad boy comedy trio of the late 80’s and 90’s - give story maker Libbi Gorr exclusive access to their lives, regrets and resolve as foundation member Tim Ferguson battles the debilitating ravages of multiple sclerosis.

Ahead of this weekend’s two show only stand at the Melbourne Comedy festival, Ferguson, lead singer Paul McDermott, and long time collaborator (and new guitarist) Paul “Flacco” Livingstone continue to rip down sacred cows and create comedy where others fear to tread.

In this show, which they plan to tour nationally, it’s the unraveling of their own fragile lives that falls within their challenging and anarchic sights. And travelling with them, their audience of Generation X and baby boomers, do the same…albeit through side splitting, yet poignant laughter.

As anyone over forty knows, things do not always turn out the way you once dreamed. Up the pointy end of life, with time’s handiwork clearly on display, DAAS have discovered life is short and to be treasured. And they are determined to have the last laugh.

Libbi Gorr, well before Mc Feast and her current role at 774ABC Melbourne, worked with the DAAS in the late 1980’s and early 90’s as a member of the Hot Bagels - at venues like the Prince Patrick Hotel in Collingwood and on ABC TV’s The Big Gig. She joins the DAAS in 2016 to document this fascinating and fearless part of their performing journey for 7.30 tonight.


7.30 will not air in Victoria this Friday due to the special Breaking the Cycle, an in-depth look at the report by Royal Commission into Family Violence.


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks with Leigh Sales tonight on 7.30


That was Leigh Sales’ best interview BY FAR since becoming presenter of this programme.

It was a very noticeable shift in tone and questioning style - I wonder who has spoken with her.


Treasurer Scott Morrison v Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen

Tonight on 7.30

In a special LIVE event, Leigh Sales hosts an election campaign debate tonight on 7.30 between the Treasurer Scott Morrison and Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen.


Opposition Leader Bill Shorten speaks with Leigh Sales

Tonight on 7.30


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks with Leigh Sales tonight on Brexit vote

Tonight on 7.30 on ABC


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks with Leigh Sales tonight on his new ministry.


George Pell and Cardinal Pell were both trending high on Twitter last night. A very good and well made story.


And yet Pell is calling for an investigation into the ABC and the police.

What a gutless wonder.


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###Albo’s Family Secret


Tonight on 7.30 one of Australia’s best known politicians reveals a long kept family secret.

Anthony Albanese joins Leigh Sales for an emotional tell-all interview about the moment he’ll remember for the rest of his life.


Wonder what the Wed night figures will be?

Depressing line up, the last half consisted of paedophilia online and a play about deaf and blind people.


654,000 viewers last night, down from 732,000 for Tuesday.