Ellen Fanning on tonight, as mentioned: Marked difference in style to Sales, and even Stan Grant. Very … casual intro to first story; a very radio approach to the show.

She filled in about 20 years ago on 7.30 - and of course later on A Current Affair (bit like Stan Grant’s turn on Seven, I guess).


Last program for the year tomorrow night.
Returning January 1 with Kumi Taguchi hosting for the week.


Kumi Taguchi also hosting next week with Leigh Sales returning on Monday January 15.



Laura Tingle joins ABC’s 7.30

Laura Tingle, one of Australia’s best journalists and top political analysts, is joining the ABC as Chief Political Correspondent for nightly current affairs flagship 7.30.

A journalist, author and essayist, Laura Tingle has spent most of her 35-year career in journalism reporting on Australian federal politics, and the country’s major policy debates.

Currently political editor of The Australian Financial Review, Tingle will provide expert reporting and in-depth analysis of Australian federal politics and the country’s major policy debates. She will also write a weekly column for the ABC website.

“Laura is one of the great political journalists of her generation,” said ABC Director, News Gaven Morris. “More than ever, audiences want political analysis that clearly explains what is unfolding in the political arena, provides analysis of the why, and puts it all into context – and no one does that better than Laura Tingle.

“Laura joins Australia’s strongest political journalism team, alongside Andrew Probyn, Sabra Lane, Antony Green, Annabel Crabb and the best Canberra bureau.”

Tingle said: “After 35 years as a print reporter, I am looking forward to exploring the very different opportunities that television provides to report on, and shine a light on, the workings of Australian politics and policy.”

ABC Head, Investigative and In-Depth Journalism John Lyons said: “Boosting 7.30’s editorial firepower is one of ABC NEWS’s priorities this year and Laura is a crucial part of that. Laura brings a depth, sharpness and perspective which helps viewers make sense of these extraordinary times we are living in.”

7.30 Executive Producer Justin Stevens said: “Laura will continue 7.30’s long tradition of covering federal politics and national affairs with original analysis.This year we want to confirm 7.30 as the unmissable daily destination for current affairs. Laura joins Leigh Sales and our award-winning team for the best nightly analysis and news breaking."



Monday February 19th at 7.30pm

“I don’t normally give out cell phone numbers of people in my database, but considering it was for the Prime Minister to call the President of the United States, I thought that would be the right thing to do. And fortunately it has turned out to be an incredible relationship.” Greg Norman

On Monday February 19 on 7.30, Leigh Sales will interview Australian golf legend turned businessman Greg Norman.

They chat on the eve of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s much anticipated visit to Washington DC to meet US President Donald Trump.

Norman, who is now Florida based in the United States, has unexpectedly proven an important channel between Australia and the White House since President Trump was elected.

They’ll discuss Mr Norman’s views on Mr Trump, their respective golf games, how he’s proven an important advocate for Australia in the White House, and what opportunities he sees for Australian businesses in the US.


There will be a special edition of 7.30 tonight, hosted by Ellen Fanning, on the fallout from Barnaby Joyce’s resignation this afternoon as Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister.


Ellen Fanning filling in for Leigh Sales tonight (Thursday).


Ellen Fanning hosting 7.30 in addition to The Drum hosting duties tonight.


7:30 has a new look and modified theme. Turquoise is the new colour.


Still in SD which means the graphics look like crap cause of all of the jagged edges.


These are from Twitter, but I actually quite like the look from these images.


I wonder if the turquoise colour scheme might’ve been chosen by the ABC because of it’s historical links? Ie, the Mid-1990s to Early 2000s-era look of “The 7.30 Report” when Kerry O’Brien hosted the show.

Aside from that, I don’t think a relaunched On-Air Presentation package for 7.30 was something we were expecting although it is something overdue with the previous look being half a decade old. The mention of a “modified theme” by EuroKick is intriguing too.





Doesn’t look entirely bad but the SD quality is absolute shit, the titlecard especially, is just bleeding.


She’s a very hot look.

And Leigh looks nice too.




They’ve done well but the set stIll looks like crap.


A welcome departure from all the miserable blue. Why isn’t the show in HD? At least the studio and graphics should be…