Get rid of both and do a proper news bulletin at 10pm.


“Coming up this hour on 7:30; concerns that landlords have too much power under the law”.

Hahaha!! What a joke - the same dated pathetic cliche, from the sort of people that like to portray less well-off tenants as poor and innocent sweethearts and wealthy landlords as evil and greedy. (Guess how that fits in with the ABC’s politics??).

Journalism not worthy of a local newspaper, let alone prime time national broadcasting.


Did you watch the report?


Yes, it got even worse - somehow tenants suffering family violence is something landlords should be concerned with.

Further, we all had to shed tears about how ultra-bogan Tamika (yuck!) who lived in a van and in the bush for years, wasn’t immediately picked up for a tenancy.

No shit!

Wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot pole.

Everyone with half a brain knows that TENANTS have too MANY rights and LANDLORDS have too LITTLE in comparison.


Trump in Phoenix confirmed that he spoke out last week re: Charlottesville against violence, bigotry, white supremacy and the KKK.

7:30 then had an interview with a biased American journalist on that speech, stating he was “not sure what Trump did to heal the nation apart from speak to his base”.

(Note Connor Duffy, during his report for ABC News, also stated that Trump “unpicked the wound and put salt in it”).

Am I the only one seeing a disconnect here between what Trump says and how the media reports it? How is condemning those groups, and CONFIRMING that you did condemn those groups, rubbing salt into a wound, or speaking only to your base? It is simply FACT.

Further Trump stated there are barely any protesters outside the Phoenix venue…7:30 then cuts away to a shot of 3 or 4 protestors hurling objects at hundreds of police in a line, as if to prove Trump to be a liar (because we’re all stupid…)


In fact, during the interview with the biased American journalist, we were told there were “thousands” of protestors outside (which seemed fishy considering the vision didn’t really seem to back this up).

Now I see the NYT is saying hundreds (and we all know how THAT figure is probably inflated too!):

Outside the convention center, the scene was a tense caldron, with hundreds of supporters screaming at one another, chanting slogans and hoisting placards that said “Fire Trump” and “Fake President.”


7 Local News Queensland weather presenter Rosanna Natolie appears to be making a guest appearance on the ABC’s 7.30 program tonight!


Ellen Fanning has breathed life into this program. Leigh Sales can have an extended break if she wants to.


Ellen was great this week when I tuned in. Always a breath of fresh air when a mature adult takes over the chair.


Stan Grant is filling in for Leigh Sales tonight.


I think he has filled in on 7.30 more than he has hosted his own show.


Stan Grant is filling in for Leigh Sales next week.


A special edition will air tonight in which Leigh Sales talks to Barnaby Joyce, who was one of five federal MPs disqualified by the High Court this afternoon for holding dual citizenships.


It should air every Friday night.


Couldn’t agree more.


Tonight 7:30 will have a story on alleged “sexual predator” Don Burke. The SMH today has interviews with women employees who claim they were sexually harrassed during the years he fronted the Nine Network’s and 2UE’s Burke’s Backyard programs. Several male employees have alleged they witnessed Burke sexually harrassing female staff during the production of the program, and harrassing other females he had contact with. Former Nine CEO’s Sam Chisolm and David Leckie have said they were aware of stories about Burke but said they were all second hand. 7:30 has interviews with some of the women who claim Burke harrassed them.

Don Burke has denied all of the allegations.

An earlier story on the Daily Mail website states that Don Burke has engaged a defamation lawyer over ‘mystery allegations’.


I saw the 7.30 Report, and the interview of the Michael Freedman, manager of Don Burke’s production company, with Leigh Sales.

It was good viewing.

One thing that surprised me was the quality of You Tube footage they used… Some of it was so bad, it was hard to watch properly.


Four Corners producer Justin Stevens has been appointed executive producer of 7:30. He has previously been a producer and supervising producer for the show.


Tonight Leigh Sales will speak to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, after the same sex marriage bill passed through Federal Parliament late this afternoon.


Fill in hosts :

11-12-2017 - 14-12-2017
Matt Wordsworth

18-12-2017 - 21-12-2017
Ellen Fanning