Series Return for 2019
Monday 7 January -

Joe O’Brien is hosting until Thursday 17 January.

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I believe this will be his first time filling in on the show.

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Good on him.


Leigh Sales is returning from holidays on Monday 21st January.


This should be an interesting interview.

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If Firetorch was here he would be furious.

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She is good hosting the 7.30 Report! Hope she stays for a while. They need to make Emma Alberici a Fill-In Presenter. She was good when she did Lateline!


Leigh’s interview with the absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley tonight.


7:30 has been working on a story about the bullying allegations against Ray Hadley at 2GB. The story is expected to air soon, possibly even tonight according to The Australian.

Macquarie Radio Network (Talk)

Woah that’s big, will be watching.

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Wednesday -

This story will air tonight along with Leigh’s interview with the PM Scott Morrison.

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Worth mentioning here, but over the past two nights I have noticed weird pixelating in the broadcast of 7:30.

Appears to have been fixed now, take a look at the difference:

All caps taken from the HD channel. I will have to analyze the TS stream at another stage, perhaps tomorrow after the recording is completed.

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Prerecorded interviews have been awful quality for the past 2 weeks or so.

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Monday 22 April-
Laura Tingle is hosting tonight.


Election transition graphic:

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Monday 6 May -

Leigh’s interview with the PM Scott Morrison.


Special Edition Friday 17 May -

Leigh hosting Election special at 7.30pm.

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