This should be an interesting interview.

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If Firetorch was here he would be furious.

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She is good hosting the 7.30 Report! Hope she stays for a while. They need to make Emma Alberici a Fill-In Presenter. She was good when she did Lateline!

Leigh’s interview with the absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley tonight.

7:30 has been working on a story about the bullying allegations against Ray Hadley at 2GB. The story is expected to air soon, possibly even tonight according to The Australian.


Woah that’s big, will be watching.

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Wednesday -

This story will air tonight along with Leigh’s interview with the PM Scott Morrison.

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Worth mentioning here, but over the past two nights I have noticed weird pixelating in the broadcast of 7:30.

Appears to have been fixed now, take a look at the difference:

All caps taken from the HD channel. I will have to analyze the TS stream at another stage, perhaps tomorrow after the recording is completed.

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Prerecorded interviews have been awful quality for the past 2 weeks or so.

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Monday 22 April-
Laura Tingle is hosting tonight.

Election transition graphic:

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Monday 6 May -

Leigh’s interview with the PM Scott Morrison.

Special Edition Friday 17 May -

Leigh hosting Election special at 7.30pm.

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Thursday 16 May -
Extended edition of the show tonight, finishing at 8.10pm.
Leigh Sales interviews both Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. Both interviews are pre-recorded.


Finished at 8.30pm with the tribute package for Bob Hawke airing after Shorten interview.


Friday 17 May Election Special: 7.40pm-8.20pm.

Election Eve special edition also including tributes and memories of Australia’s 23rd Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

Thursday 30 May -

Laura Tingle is filling in for Leigh tonight.