@MTLCK I wholeheartedly agree, it is still one of the best current affairs programs we have left on television.

I am a massive supporter of the ABC. It has the best news and current affairs programs across all media.

But when I don’t like something, just like on any other network or channel, I will call it out.


But the sketches were run until John Clarke’s death in 2017. Weren’t they part of 7.30 then?


Dropped in 2013 - https://tvtonight.com.au/2013/02/730-drops-clark-dawe-but-they-remain-with-abc.html


I think it was more to do with Sally Neighbour, the ex-EP, than Leigh.


They continued after they were dropped from the 7.30 Report but they aired at 6.55pm (where Sammy J is now) on Thursdays until John Clarke’s death.


One thing i noticed recently about the 7.30 Report is that they doing more Celebrity interviews but not as much 10-15 minute interviews where Leigh Sales are grilling politicians as before.


Laura Tingle is hosting this week with Leigh doing publicity for her new book.


Poor Laura doesn’t seem suited to the presenting chair. Very robotic :frowning:


They should throw Emma Alberici in as a “up yours” to the former ABC Chairman. But if they didn’t put Laura in the chair than they’ll put Ellen in of which i’m not a fan of.


It’s her first time presenting, give her time.


Laura Tingle is hosting again this week.



Monday -
Leigh is back hosting tonight.



Laura Tingle is presenting tonight.



Glad Mark Humphries is doing what he is good at over at the 7.30 Report. Loved his skits he used to do on The Feed and he sure isn’t disappointing at all.



Thursday 20 December -

Final show for 2018- The Year In Review


7.30 Series Return

Monday 7 January

Joe O’Brien presents an engaging and enlightening look at the day’s events, from exclusive investigations, probing interviews, and revealing feature stories on the issues that matter to us all.


Laura Tingle is hosting tonight.