No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you!

Canberra bureau still in upconverted SD though:


Just accentuates how terrible the lighting is even more.


At least it’s a sign that ABC News & Current Affairs (I know, most if not all of the Monday night public affairs programs have probably been HD for a year or so but still…) is slowly progressing into the HD era.

Personally I hope HD upgrades for the main Sydney & Melbourne news studios won’t be too far away since a decent amount of national news bulletins/programs come out of those along with the 7pm news bulletins for their respective states IIRC.


7.30 Exclusive: Leigh Sales interviews Catherine Marriott

Tuesday 18 September

Catherine Marriott, the WA businesswoman who alleges Barnaby Joyce sexually harassed her, has spoken for the first time, telling 7.30’s Leigh Sales she hopes her experience will improve the way all Australian political parties deal with sexual harassment allegations.

In February this year, Marriott submitted a confidential complaint to the NSW Nationals Party, that was subsequently leaked to the media. Barnaby Joyce has strenuously denied the allegations. In her first interview about the scandal, Marriott says “the control that I had over my own identity was taken away,” when her name was made public.

Marriott speaks of the devastating impact of the public scandal, and reveals what made her decide to fight back.


I recorded the start of 7.30 leading out of ABC News. This is what it looked like in HD. Opening graphics looked SD.


The opening and closing graphics looked HD tonight.


Looks like their Top Right Corner watermark is now being switched rather than being edited into the packages.


Laura Tingle is presenting tonight.


Seems like a strange addition to 7:30 to me, Ten would’ve been better getting them on The Project.


Mark Humphries to join 7.30

Begins Thursday 4 October

7.30 are delighted to announce that satirist Mark Humphries will be joining the program with a fortnightly satirical segment starting Thursday October 4.

Mark and his co-writer Evan Williams are excited to join the 7.30 team.

Mark and Evan said: “We had many offers but the prospect of bringing the ABC’s flagship current affairs program down to the level of third-rate undergraduate humour was too tempting to resist.

“We just love the job stability that can only be found at the ABC.”

This is not the first time 7.30 has had satire, with the much loved Clarke and Dawe segments gracing 7.30’s screens for many years.

Mark and Evan said: “We will never be able to fill John Clarke’s shoes, because his family refuses to give them to us.”

Leigh Sales said “I’m a huge fan of quality political satire so you can only imagine my disappointment that we couldn’t land Shaun Micallef.”

Fictional News Bulletins In Films & TV



This is so stupid. They are destroying this program.


No they’re not, stop talking.

They used to run comedy segments in the 90s.


Long closers aren’t going to fix the program.


It’s Clarke & Dawe’s old spot, but go off I guess


How well did those comedy segments go for them?

Clarke and Dawe was the only successful one.


The show is still on air today, so fine. And Clarke and Dawe did very well out of them. If the comedy is good, I see no problem.

You have a history of anti-ABC comments so I guess I’ll let you have your fun.


Hmmm I remember Leigh Sales seemed to not like the Clarke and Dawe bits and they moved off the program not long after she became the permanent host.


Are you for real?

I love the ABC, but I don’t appreciate the changes they have made over the years to dumb down what was once a great program.


The program’s still great. They find a lot of fantastic stories. A bit of comedy every fortnight won’t hurt it.

And maybe I am misremembering your comments. Sorry.