Ellen Fanning hosting again this week with Leigh returning Monday July 23.


What a shame. It has been bliss to watch Ellen and Virginia host and conduct quality interviews. Stark contrast to Leigh.


It seems that Ellen Fanning is hosting for the week again.


Ellen Fanning is still hosting this week.
Leigh must be taking more leave with the recent death of her father.


Can Ellen stay indefinitely please? Loving her back on TV and hosting 730.
This interview she’s doing with Hugh Marks (Nine CEO) is top notch.


Ellen mentioned tonight that Leigh is returning next week.


I prefer Emma Alberici.





Ellen Fanning presenting tonight.


Interview tonight


Leigh is hosting special Friday edition on the Leadership Spill.


7.30: Leigh Sales interviews Emma Husar

Tuesday 28 August at 7.30pm

In her first television feature interview after announcing she won’t recontest the Federal seat of Lindsay, Labor MP Emma Husar tells 7.30’s Leigh Sales that ‘slut shaming’ forced her decision to quit politics.

In her first substantial public response to the allegations that have been made against her in media reports over recent weeks and subject to an internal Labor party review, Husar talks about what she described as a “malicious” smear campaign against her and responds to various allegations that have been made against her.

Husar slams what she describes as a toxic political culture in which she says slut shaming is used against young, single women, “almost as a method of torture”, and discusses what her next steps will be.



Laura Tingle filling in for Leigh Sales tonight.


Are my eyes deceiving me? Is 7.30 actually in HD tonight??


I noticed that the ABC is now uploading stories from the 7.30 Report onto YouTube before it airs. They have just aired the Clive Palmer story but was uploaded onto YouTube last week. I know they have been doing the same with Foreign Correspondent recently as well.


The Graphics looks like they are in HD. Lot clearer.


Graphics look great in HD. Much more clearer!