61st TV Week Logie Awards 2019


No his offensive sexual assault “jokes” and jarring homophobic slurs.

Well, Dave Hughes already does a top and tail at the event. They just need him to do another but in the middle. Maybe save a few jokes from the monologue for later on and add a few observations from the night.


I think it would be unfair to tarnish his entire reputation just based on a couple of off-colour or cringeworthy gags. The man is 80 years old and I don’t think there was any malice in anything he said, just that his jokes were probably about 20 years too late. Even possibly only 5 years too late because I reckon nobody would have bat an eyelid even as recently as that.


I don’t think I was doing that. He is indeed a legend and probably just out of touch with the culture of today. Just agreeing that he would unlikely be invited back based on that and in case there was more controversy.


Surely I can’t be the only one here who feels like Dave Hughes screams most of his jokes for them to seem funnier than they actually are? Others may disagree but I haven’t been overly impressed with his performances at the Logies in recent years.

Personally I think all the Logies needs as a “host” is someone to do an Opening Monologue, maybe a segment in the middle and to close the program. The awards themselves should be presented by people who are relevant to the trophies they’re handing out, because there’s nothing worse than having awards presented by people who have little or no relevance to the category.

I agree. Bert Newton’s entire career shouldn’t be tarnished based on a few off-colour comments but at the same time, he’s unlikely to ever be at the Logies (or in the Australian media industry) again based on last year’s performance and the fear it might happen again.

Having either Andrew Denton or Shaun Micallef (probably the only hosts in the last 20 years other than pre-2018 Bert who weren’t completely trashed by the media & general public) hosting again after almost two decades probably would be alright, but I doubt Nine would allow that to happen since both are currently strongly associated with rival networks.


I was speaking more broadly not at anyone specifically. Sorry if it came through that way, sloppy reply on my part


No worries. :slight_smile:


If Bert, Andrew Denton, Shaun Micallef or perhaps Julia Morris or Lawrence Mooney were to host I’d watch it live from the beginning. I watch on delay these days, coming in about half way through. By the time I’ve skipped through all the crap I’ve caught up in time to see the Gold Logie presented live.


Yes, was going to mention him. Watched his 2001 hosting stint earlier today for about the 10th time and still laughed at some parts. Along with the possible network problem, his humour seems to be hard for some people to understand so he may get criticised as well. No matter who does it would probably still get criticised though.

He is an excellent comedian IMO, and it would give me more incentive to watch the ceremony if he did host it!


I found a short article in The Age Green Guide from January 24. It said:

The move essentially dusts off an award first given out at the sixth annual Logies back in 1962 and retired at the 20th Logies in 1978. The most decorated ads over the years were for Coca-Cola, which won five Logies between 1964 and 1977, plus a win for Coca-Cola-owned Fanta in 1972. Other winners included Alka Seltzer, Minties, Winfield cigarettes and Uncle Sam deodorant.


When does the voting begin again? Should be within the next few weeks?

I hope they dont reinstate the Sports Program award. Only because i dont want The NRL Footy Show being nominated (as it did air last year), and wins. As Nine will make sure it returns later in 2019. Lol.



Even if the Logies category for Best Most Popular Sports Program was somehow re-instated, I really don’t think enough people watched The NRL Footy Show in 2018 for it to win! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This year’s Logies would be held at The Star Gold Coast on Sunday, June 30.

The voting period for the Most Popular award categories opens on Monday, March 4, and closes on Sunday, March 31.
After the popularity of live voting at the 2018 TV Week Logie Awards, live voting will return for the 11 Most Popular categories. Fans will be able to cast their vote in the Most Popular categories from Monday, June 24, through to the end of the Logies red-carpet telecast on June 30.
The shortlist of nominees will be announced on Sunday, May 26.



good to have some dates announced for the voting period, and for the actual awards.

Interesting to have an “Outstanding Reality Program” award introduced. But do we really need two reality tv awards?

The Most Popular Panel or Current Affairs Program returns, comprising that of news panel, sports or current affairs program (according to the article).

Also returning is the Most Outstanding Entertainment Program.


Now that the date for this year’s awards have been revealed, I have to agree with you. There are no major events on Gold Coast in the first half of 2019 after the recent Eurovision: Australia Decides, so the Logies should have taken place on an earlier date.


Last year they said that they had to streamline the awards because the show was too long but this year they add four more awards.

I felt they needed to reinstate the Most Outstanding Comedy but apart from that there was no need for these others.


Yeah, I don’t get the Logies thinking atm.
I also remember when they cut some awards for last years Ceremony, yet they add four awards this year. When in fact, they only needed to add the Outstanding Comedy award.


Just a reminder that it is almost that time of year again. The time where there will be a number of glaring omissions from the voting forms, while there will be others that will be listed that shouldn’t be. You know - the people who have been on tv before, but are added into the New Talent Award, and have some judges on the Most Popular Presenter Award while the actual Presenter (host) is left out.

Voting for the 2019 Logies begin tomorrow.


Studio 10 and Sarah nominated.


And noone else from Studio 10 being up for a Logie by the looks of it?