61st TV Week Logie Awards 2019


Wow… so three more years.


Advertising agencies are invited to submit entries between now and 8 February. But… and here’s why they’re doing it… its $495 to submit an entry. It’s a grab for cash



They can nickname this one the Shonky Award.


Most Popular Commercial? Pffft! What a silly idea bringing this award back, after some 40 years of not having it!

And why do they still have the awards in June? Should have been reverted back to April.


it’s quite a nice earner, though. They’re looking at 10 nominees, so there’s almost $5000 there, and I’m assuming they will get more than 10 entries. At $495 a pop that’s quite a windfall. Just depends if the advertising agencies are keen enough to throw $495 in just to make a submission.

EDIT: I missed this bit earlier, too

Each nominee in this category has the opportunity to purchase two tickets to attend the 2019 TV WEEK Logie Awards Ceremony for $1,000 per ticket.

$1000 a ticket?

I mean, I gather the advertising industry is not exactly short of a dollar, but are they game to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to take part?


So buy yourself an award. Or buy your ad agency some publucity. The more I hear about it, the more suspect the whole thing sounds.


Are we talking about the Logies again ALREADY!!?

It’s not until July, right?!

It’s nearly as bad as talking about Hot Cross Buns in January!


In other years, January would have been the start of nominations by the public by filling up a form in TV Week magazine or at its website.


Well, they started it by putting out a story / press release about a silly new award category. :crazy_face:


They must be desperate for cash, as we progress more into streaming it’s weird to have such an old style award reintroduced, they should be trying to modernise the awards not make them feel like some camp 70’s throwback.


Next, we will be seeing the “most polular music video” reintroduced also. I think it was a short lived award from the late 1980’s.

Silly having the Commercial Award return, as they should reintroduce Outstanding Comedy Program. Or even the Most Popular Comedy Personality return, so that can free up the acting and presenter awards.


Probably feeling the heat from the return of the MediaSpy awards.


Don’t give them any ideas! They might actually try having something like ‘Best Media discussion site’ next year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On second thoughts, if that ever happened, I think it would probably be a night we’d never forget.


Or maybe even “Most Annoying Media Forumer”


I think you invented a word @Radiohead. :joy:


Can we get Amanda Keller or someone as a host? I know she’s not Nine but would be matter a whole lot?


Agreed, bizarre that they’d pick an award that only boomers would give a shit about.


I’m pretty sure the Logies are unlikely to ever have a main host again, after the last few (except Bert Newton, who’s now unlikely to ever be on Australian TV again after his misjudged 2018 Logies appearance) were basically trashed by the media & the public.


I would like to see a host return too. But since they haven’t had one in seven years, it doesn’t look like a host is returning anytime soon.

But how hard is there to have a host. Even if they appear briefly. As in - open the show. Pop up half way through the ceremony to say “hope you are enjoying the show”. And then come on after the Gold Logie Winner and simply say “thanks for watching”. Simple.


And his elderly age and health?