2SM 1269 Sydney


strong text MacQuarie Media Limited is statrting a Sports Radio Station on March 31st Russell Tate & Adam Lang want a Breakfast team to Lead in to their Weekdays hope they sign tye Talkin Sport Team as their Breaktfast Team


For 2SM, they will never erase the last few years of their ratings results.

There has been little change at the station, still Grant in bfast, Graham at night, sports show in drive, only Sattler/Delaney has been replaced for Laws. Same schtick, simply higher profile.

You can be quite certain that their share has not changed significantly outside of mornings.

Again, Bill doesn’t care, he’s happy to use the licence as he does and as long as it doesn’t breach legislation, it might offend our sensibilities, but there’s nothing that can be done.


Regardless of lack of participation in the ratings I still believe that Laws has more listeners in Sydney that he is given credit for. Therefore Ray Hadley’s rating is inflated.


Obviously there’s far less competition, but 2HD gets okay shares with essentially the same content - so while I don’t doubt the ratings are low, I wouldn’t expect them to be asterisks either - at least in the older demos.


I’d be fascinated what the ratings would be.


Does 2SM do any market research or is advertising just sold because of John Laws reputation?


Question for our DAB-listening Sydney-based brethren: what’s the go with ZOO Digital?

Despite having a Twitter account that hasn’t updated since 2015, there seemed to be live programming up until some point in the last month or so. The Facebook page has since been deleted and there’s no longer an online stream - is there anything going to air on DAB, or is there an (otherwise not-mentioned) format change?

Wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case, what with 2DayFM’s change in format. Maybe 1SM will make a return?


I can confirm that “ZOO MusicVariety” is still on-air with content here in Sydney right now. :slight_smile:


very strange - thanks @SydneyCityTV. Perhaps one to keep an eye on?


At the moment I’d just be happy if 2SM on DAB+ had a high quality mono feed because the last I checked (which admittedly was a while ago), you could even hear digital compression on 1269AM if you had decent enough reception! :open_mouth:


Yes that’s why I surprised the super network is bringing back am stereo. Quality of audio is not a huge thing with 2sm in general. I give credit to Macquarie radio and 2ch they do a great job.


Ray Hadley wished John Laws a happy 83rd birthday on Wednesday, saying that Laws is the greatest broadcaster he has worked with.


That’s a big compliment from Ray, given he has worked with Alan Jones too.


Ray is actually not as bad of a guy as most people think, when you actually get to know him and earn his respect he is a decent bloke… Most times :wink:


uh ermm uh. Hadley is no Laws.


Yeah. Wonder what happen with Andrew Moore, John Gibbs and Andrew Voss with Ray. At the moment I feel that John Laws never totally fell out with as many people to the extent they could not be in the same building with him. Sure John did have his conflicts but not to the same extent as Ray has rubbing a lot up the wrong way
I liked Ray in the early 90s (continuous call team), the show was great. Now days I don’t listen. I am happy he wished John Laws a happy birthday, I hope he is changing and mending some of the relationships that were cut in the past. You are right I am sure there is a good bloke within but when he was very successful beating John Laws, a lot of his colleagues could no longer work with him. This is from an outsider looking in. I am just a radio listener.


I think those 3 are on the barred for life list.


It continues within the 2SM newsroom.

Lack of training, graduate students thrown in the deep end.

Tonight’s is Monique Dias (on air pronounced Diaz).

Young voice and no grasp of correct pause for good delivery nor knowledge of pronunciation of commonly spoken names such as politicians state and federal nor sporting identities. Michael Cheika was a total clanger.

Yes, the young lady could’ve brushed up on her pronunciation, but most of it lies at the foot of those supervising (or lack thereof). Simply not enough mentoring, it’s completely absent.


Monique did have a shocker of a bulletin, read the wrong match report, last week’s match instead of tonight’s.

Gilbert read an email out requesting the correct details as they heard the wrong match during the news. It was such a glaring error, he said he told walked over to the newsroom to tell her.


It’s the pauses and context they can’t seem to get right in so many news bulletins these days. I had the extreme misfortune to hear a Super network news update last weekend on 4GY, presumably from Sydney. I was completely gob smacked that it could sound so amateurish and it basically descended into gibberish. She pronounced words incorrectly and emphasized the wrong words in nearly every sentence, making it basically incoherent. A high school student could have done better.

As an aside (ie. Not 2SM) but I also find 4KQ’s Hope Fabilia (sp?) pretty darn ordinary at times in this regard.