2SM 1269 Sydney


Be nice to Geoff, he left on good terms, 2SM was a good port in a stormy time for him and now he’s found a full time gig, so good on him.

If he’s happy, there’s no problem. Paid employment doing a good job 2SER is no shame.

I’m impressed 2SER are well structured to afford paid positions.


Mentoring :slight_smile:


The Grant Goldman Show at 6.40am this morning a caller suggested that:

  • World leaders know how to deal with Islam as Churchill described the religion as a form of “rabies” (not true), Hitler put Muslims in concentration camps (I think that was Jews, gays sand gypsies) and Stalin sent all the Muslims to Siberia
  • Muslims have 7 children per couple and Christians have 1.2 children per couple
  • Thus in 30 years there will be more Muslims in France than Christians and civil war will break out

Grant never questioned one of these claims. His silence spoke volumes. His listeners would this morning believe all of these claims.

Absolute hate speech on 2SM.

Mind you, Grant Goldman’s show is the home of fake news. After the US election he claimed several times that Trump received more votes than Clinton. Again not true.

This morning’s broadcast would have made any white supremacist proud.


Not to worry, doubtful anyone listens let alone takes it seriously. Grant is unwell. More for entertainment for such moments than information.


Makes 2GB seem balanced and impartial in comparison!

A few weeks ago I heard one of the overnight presenters suddenly say that he thought Australia should leave the United Nations. This was a totally random comment, bore no relation to what he had just been saying. He gave no explanation of his reasoning, he simply moved onto a caller. Totally bizarre!


Grant Goldman Show at 7.45am - A caller claims that Coles and Woolworths were not suing the word Easter anymore and this was followed by an anti-Islam rant.

I believed the caller. It’s outrageous. But then I walked into Woolies in Randwick. It’s not true.

Both Woolworths and Coles have Easter signs. And online they have an easter page for home delivered eggs and hot cross buns. C’mon Grant - if you don’t challenge open-line callers who lie - you are encouraging fake news.


Possibly heard the UK story that Cadbury is being criticised for “Easter eggs” without the word Easter - it made radio news broadcasts in Australia this morning.


Here’s a new callsign meaning for 2SM

2 Stupid Microphones


John Laws interview on 7.30 tonight regarding his book new released Monday about 60 years in radio.

John Laws is acknowledged as the greatest radio broadcaster Australia has produced. For more than 60 years he has ruled the airwaves, making the ‘talk back’ genre his own and inspiring a raft of imitators. Still going strong into his 80s, so much has been written about his life Laws, for the first time, tells his remarkable story in his own words.


John Laws interview on A Current Affair.


I watched that!
He has certainly aged.
I thought he looked a bit like the “Doc” from the “Back To The Future” movies.
That he has stuck his fingers into one too many light sockets.

I was bit surprised when they stated he has been at 2SM since only 2010.
I thought he had been there longer than that.

And I wonder how many Sydney ACA viewers even knew he was at 2SM, the interview is probably unlikely to have any impact on Ray Hadley’s ratings, but who knows.


I thought John Laws made his comeback to radio for 2SM in 2011.

Anyway if I was to guess, Lawsie probably gets plenty of regional listeners especially in those areas which only have a SRN/BOG duopoly for commercial radio. But I agree that there probably wouldn’t be too many people in Sydney who are aware that John Laws is currently broadcasting on 2SM. Aside from some dubious quality ads in The Daily Telegraph from time to time, 2SM doesn’t really do much external advertising.


ABC Hobart’s Melanie Tait on working for John Laws at 2UE and wearing a skirt to work - she didn’t mind it all.


Nine News Sydney was invited in the 2SM studios to film a few bits with Graham Hughes for an NRL report which aired on tonight’s bulletin. Note the “Gorilla Radio” banner just off to the right in the 1st cap:


You have to wonder about the news presenters on the Super Radio Network sometimes…

I just heard a news update on FUN Digital refer to the northern NSW town of Glen Innes as “Glen Inns” (when it should be pronounced as “Glen Inn-ness”).


It’s not like they have any regional stations that would cover that town.



2SM is Crap anyway, The Supernetwork shall be Sold off and Bill Caralis to Retire and the 1269 Frequency to be turned into Non Stop Country Music with AFL Broadcasts.


The non-stop country music will probably make those AFL broadcasts hard to listen to.


Plus Bill & Pam employ a vast amount more people than the largely automated Classic Rock Radio or the 91% Sydney 4BC.

@TheStyles83 mightn’t like the programming and kicking 2SM is good for a cheap laugh, but it’s a radio station that the owners feel happy to invest in employing people and not breaching any of the codes


Combine the two? AFL broadcasts with country music in the background. Find tracks about losing to play in the background of Suns games. Tracks about being a tosspot to the background of Giants games. :laughing: