2SM 1269 Sydney


2SM just played a SONG during “Talk Tonight”!

I haven’t heard them do that before.

It was “Mary’s Boy Child” - Harry Belafonte.

Even on Digital, it was still in mono.


Ran out of callers?

How does Graham Gilbert stay sane? He must be the most boring personality on radio and 5hrs of it every weeknight. Still doing that ridiculous quiz and still getting India answers.


Great caller on the Super Network yesterday around 5:20pm with Pete Davis. She was calling from North Sydney and whinging about the decline in Sydney talkback radio, especially since all these “changes in formats”. The conversation then led to her actually naming 2UE and it’s recent demise.

The caller spoke praise for 2SM as it provides what 2UE can no longer do.

I suppose if Pepsi were to collapse and you didn’t like Coca-Cola, then why would it not be possible for some to switch to LA Ice?

This is a golden opportunity for 2SM. I’m sorry MRN, but it looks like not every talkback listener will automatically make the shift from a declining 2UE and go to 2GB. Especially if they’ve never been a 2GB listener.


I do wonder if some of these “callers” are staged?


Was it Stephanie? She’s been a regular open line caller to both 2GB and 2UE over the years although I haven’t heard her on UE Breakfast recently.

The Talking Lifestyle format is an utter joke and an insult to the audience. Anyone with half a brain realises it is a vehicle for advertorials. Even the breakfast show isn’t worth listening to. It must kill those two esteemed journos (Gary and John) to drag themselves out of bed each day to discuss topics that wouldn’t be out of place in an FM “morning zoo” format.

Haven’t tuned into 2SM for years. The effect of these changes has been to drive me to stream more international content.


I get iHeartRadio data free on Optus, and I use it regularly.

2SM hasn’t been worth listening to since the early 1980s, although Lite & Easy 1269 wasn’t half bad.


And early 90s when they also had lite pop music eg. Kylie Minogue as 2SM (this was after Lite And Easy).


2SM just played a Stevie Nicks song!!

Unfortunately I don’t really know which as I didn’t recognise it, but they backannounced it as being by Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac.

It was still in mono on DAB+ of course.

I reckon that was as close as 2SM has ever got to its “Rock Of the 80s” heritage in nearly 25 years on 1269.


I’ve heard Landslide by Stevie Nicks on Smooth 95.3, Mix 106.3 and on a couple of US digital stations in the past couple of weeks. I hadn’t heard it for years, with only the Dixie Chicks version getting a run. Was it Landslide?


I don’t think it was… I have heard “Landslide” before.


Rooms On Fire, Stand Back, You Can Talk To Me, Edge Of Seventeen?


I don’t think it was any of these either.

Admittedly I only heard probably the last 15 or seconds or so of it before they backannounced it.


Geoff Field has resigned from his casual newsreading gig at 2SM & is expected to announce his new role tomorrow.

More at Radio Today.


I wouldn’t be surprised if its 2CH. They’re the only station offering news opportunities in radio in Sydney at the moment. Maybe News Director since he says it will be a new experience?


Or maybe ARN/KIIS? Let’s not forget their recent news restructure… unless there’s a similar restructure at 2Day?


Geoff Fields is going to work at 2SER. How bad must the pay and morale be at 2SM that you would prefer to work at 2SER - it is a university-run not for profit station.

Is this the first time that someone who works in commercial radio in Sydney has moved to a “community” station?

Poor old 2SM. Should someone just pull the plug?


His job at 2SM was only casual, so it wouldn’t be hard for a full time job to win out.


Fair enough. I love Geoff Field. He is a professional who knows how to construct a sentence (unlike many in the 2GB newsroom).

I am just amazed that a full time job at 2SER would tempt someone over casual employment at a commercial radio station. But then again it is 2SM.


Murray Olds was the news director at 2SER before he returned to 2UE in October last year.


He’s also teaching at the Uni…