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There are so many things WRONG with that “ad” (and I use that term loosely because that is an insult to most other ads that are decently produced).

Aside from the issues already raised, another thing that’s wrong is “radio superstar”… “radio has been” or “Sydney’s least listened to morning talk back host” is more like it.

The “massive” 28 million hits would probably pale into comparison against 2GB, and 27.999999 million of them are probably hackers anyway.


The station that gave us the denim logo and a few other creative designs in the late 70s and early 80s now has the most basic logo for a radio station in Sydney, perhaps Australia, quite possibly the world.

I want to cry whenever I see the 2SM logo.


Reminds me of this.

Youtube wont embed UGH.



The Grant Goldman show this morning between 6.30am and 7.30am:

  • Grant claimed that a Clinton supporter defecated on a poster of Trump and then wiped it all over the poster. He withdrew this claim when a caller rang him up to say the video was a fake.
  • Grant agreed with a caller who suggested that the Australian Constitution requires all immigrants to be educated. This is in the document that was written in 1901? At the time most Australians had never completed Year 10
  • Grant agreed with caller that Fox News was now owned by a Saudi Prince who is a Clinton supporter.

This is post-truth radio at its best. Grant’s show is just false information being spread as the truth. It’s close to insanity.


That one’s going straight to the pool room! :smiley:


The Saudi Prince is chairman and majority owner of an investment company that owns about 6% of Twenty-First Century Fox. He is a long way off being classed an the ‘owner of Fox News’!!


And Grant Goldman is a long way off from being credible anymore.

Grant makes Alan Jones sound like Radio National.


Years ago i visited Sydney and while i was there had a listen to 2SM just to check it was still on the air :wink:

I listened to Grant Goldman literally just reading jokes he’d received on email. Not just 1 or 2, that might have been ok, but this went for ages.

I get that he was a great radio talent back in the day, but i sadly I don’t see it evident anymore. Hence why he’s probably reading out emails to 3 listeners on 2SM.


this is not an excuse for what Grant has said and agreed with that you’ve posted above, but I just thought it would be wise to let you all know that Grant is on high-end chemo drugs at the moment and battling cancer. Maybe he’s sticking it out until he can’t stick it out anymore.

As I said, not an excuse, but I thought it best if it was known.


Is it fair to disclose this if it isn’t public knowledge?


from what I understand it is public knowledge - I have asked and am checking at present.


[quote]Grant Goldman Cancer Fund
$65k goal

Mike Goldman
Sydney, NSW

Grant Goldman has dedicated his life to his community and his family. If its entertaining his listeners on his Radio show or rasing money for many of the charities he has worked for over the years. This is a man who has put everyone else before himself. The last ten years have been tough. Grants daughter Alexandria now 7 years old was born extremely premature with many costly problems. Now after battling 5 cancers for over 5 years, surgeries and extended chemotherapy has pushed him and his family a long way into the red. Now with a tumorous growth in the lungs more surgery is needed. This campaign has been put together by his sons and is aimed at covering the costs and making things a little less difficult. Your help is greatly appreciated and we pray this helps get the Goldman going again.

Please do not give unless you can afford it. Grant is a very proud man and would be heartbroken if anyone gave who couldn’t afford to help.

Help spread the word!

Created November 1, 2016





yep, it’s common knowledge, just got an email back. PHEW!


It is public knowledge, clients know, radio industry (the few who care, fortunately he has real mates) know. See, Mediaspy doesn’t get all the news first.


Yep I was pretty sure it was common knowledge inside our industry but had to make a few checks just to be certain.


TVAU was more concerned about whether he wanted the news being spread on a public forum. It’s not the kind of news many people shout from the rooftops.


I think he’s quite open about his current situation on air. When I listened in the other day, he was talking about the next course of treatment he’ll be starting shortly


Exactly Mart, Goldman is a bloke’s bloke, he doesn’t get hung up about such things.