2SM 1269 Sydney


Midnight - 5am: 2HD
Brreakfast: 2SM
Laws: 2SM (Delaney R97 Tweed Heads)
12pm - 3pm: 2HD
Talkin’ Sport: 2SM
Graham Gilbert Nights: 2SM

Fishing + Poppy: 2SM
All others mostly 2HD


Thanks very much for that info, helpful



I know Caralis is the one dead set keen on talkback, but I can’t help baut think a bit of music interspersed during the programming would lift the quality of it enormously … even if only 4 or 5 songs per hour.

Like the example you gave of the presenter reading directly from a website, just sounds like they are “forced” to talk all the time because there is no other option.


Because no one listening to ring in?

Bill likes talk because he pays the announcers the same and saves on music royalties.

Sounds like he’s dropped nights and overnights announcers on the FM network too. Do you remember the days of the Lismore hub (13 10 09), there were announcers there 24/7 as there should be.

He has one FM network feed and not have announcers on there all the time (a fact he used to flaunt) is plain misery guts penny pinching.


When I tuned in again early the other morning, they were actually playing a few songs back to back with no interruptions. Indeed for a while I thought there was no presenter and that the station was in automation. Eventually the presenter spoke. Assuming they weren’t having technical difficulties, the music must have meant either there were no calls or the presenter couldn’t come up with anything interesting to say - or both!

On another 2SM/Super Network matter, I find it a bit strange that a station like 2HD takes only the first 30 minutes of Grant Goldman and it then goes into local breakfast at 5.30. Doesn’t seem an obvious reason for this. To my mind it would be more logical if 2HD either started its own breakfast show at 5.00 or the overnight guy continued on 2HD until 5.30. Taking the first 30 minutes of a 4 hour show doesn’t seem the best scheduling decision but no doubt they have their reasons for this!


Probably no more or less logical than how some of the other regional stations in the network take Grant Goldman for an hour at 5am before going to the local breakfast shows at 6am though.


you can bet it will be something to do with saving money


I’ve never listened to it, but I suspect that the first hour of the Grant Goldman show is structured to allow stations to easily opt out at 5.30 and 6.00am - in that there would be no promotion of what’s coming up later and minimal flow on of content.


Fair comment! It’s just that 30 mins (or in reality not much more than 20 mins of the actual show by the time you’ve taken out the 5.00 news and the break leading into 5.30) seems unusually short. He’s hardly got going before 2HD leave!


You’d hope that would be the case but sadly no. There is a quiz in the first hour and its format is such that it is almost guaranteed to rumble on for most of that hour. I can’t claim to be a regular listener but when I have listened, I’ve never heard it finished by 5.30, meaning Newcastle listeners never hear how it ends. I happened to listen in this morning and it was only just finished in time for the 6.00 news. There is also some talk in that first hour of what is happening later in the show. Not great!


I know I’m probably a bit of a sucker for actually choosing to listen to 2SM in the car at certain points of the day - if I’m in a mindset where I -must- listen to talkback, I’ll take Laws over Hadley any day, at least until he gets his first Muslim basher :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: - but hearing Geoff Field during the past month actually makes has Supernetwork News sounding the most listenable it’s been in a while. :slight_smile:

Just a shame the actual selection of newsreaders during the day and week seems like an absolute lottery; unless Geoff’s been told to focus on mornings (ie. Grant Goldman’s show) as that’s where I’ve picked him up most. [There was at least one situation though where he read a lead-in to Goldman at 9am with Lawsy next though, whoops.]

I guess I still wonder why they bother going live rather than pre-recording 10-15 mins early (most of the time) like Macquarie do with their national feeds, if only to fix up the obvious blunders which can happen with a live read (and they happen all too often unfortunately). Probably the usual cost-cutting - don’t have to buy something to send the audio to; surely a cheap $50 phone would do given we’re talking about Supernetwork? :stuck_out_tongue: - and I guess it shows sometimes.


MRN news readers seem to be presented live as well they can have a lot of mistakes made. All 2SM need to do is record the news about 10 minutes before top of the hour and edit/rerecord the mishaps and that would improve the result 10 fold.


It might shock you to hear that on Page 7(!) of today’s Daily Telegraph, there’s a 2SM ad for John Laws’ Morning Program.

Unfortunately I haven’t got a picture, but I will say that…

*The quality of the ad is just as dubious as their previous efforts complete with Times New Roman and a photo of Lawsie when he was at 2UE, circa 2007.
*Claims that there’s been a “Massive 28 Million (online) Hits” - Why can’t they participate in the official radio surveys like everyone else (even Sky Sports Radio of all stations!) does?
*Claims that the show can be heard in “95% of NSW” and parts of South East Queensland across the Super Radio Network. I’d like to see that claim get factchecked!


27 million of them are Super Network staff using pirated copies of Internet Explorer


Embarrassing. Laws himself should put a stop to these ads going out lol
If there are any future 12 year old graphic designers out there, please do us a favour and offer your services to 2SM.


South East NSW from Nowra to the border past Eden and inland to Goulburn, Queanbeyan and the Snowy Mountains is a lot more than 5% of NSW!!


I’m sure that there are some talented mockers on this forum who could do a better job! :smiley:

I agree. And of course you’ve also got other markets like Wagga and Bathurst which aren’t (officially at least anyway) covered by SRN/BOG.


Deary me, did they get his secretary to make that?


Media Spy members would do much better. Be great to see their version.

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