2SM 1269 Sydney


Speaking of Graeme Gilbert’s “Talk Tonight” program, it seems that he does a very comprehensive read of the weather across the SRN/BOG listening area NSW and Southern Queensland almost every time (which is admittedly not all that often) I tune in!


A couple of shots of the 2SM studios, as seen during a story on ACA about Graeme Hughes who is using a new arthritis treatment.


who spewed all over the carpet?


Somewhere in regional NSW there is an RSL Club that wants their carpet back.

And I love the paper / plastic 2SM logo that is stuck onto the wall. The way the light is reflecting on the crumples is superb.


I think it’s a vinyl banner- you can see eyelets in the corners. But yes, looks tacky regardless. Though the design work does it no favours either.


Re. Graeme Gilbert, even his Wikipedia page has been infiltrated:


Some much LOL in this thread!

In that first screenshot, is Graeme’s microphone boom gaffer taped to the desk??? LOL

And obviously there’s no kitchenette in the place as there’s a sandwich press, microwave and toaster just sitting on a desk in the second photo. The Vick’s Vaporizer must be for the Golden Tonsils!

In all honesty my local community radio station has more advanced & modern studios.


That carpet! I can’t imagine any era when that would have been tasteful. Even the daggy 70s and 80s had more class :stuck_out_tongue: It must have been very cheap!


LOL, are we sure that the studios of 2SM didn’t used to be a RSL or Bowling Club? :stuck_out_tongue:


The Star is across the road and it has better carpet!


I’m surprised Bill pays the blue-ribbon rent in Pyrmont, to be quite honest. How long have 2SM occupied that premises? A dumpy little office in Hurstville or Bankstown would be more fitting.


Back in 2003 the SMH wrote this:



Others would disagree :thinking:


The original Macquarie network had a satellite distribution service in the 1980s, that was before the Warwick Fairfax Jnr debacle led it it’s dismemberment.


Former 2Day newsreader Geoff Field will return to radio next week by working in the Super Radio Network newsroom, which includes 2SM.

Source: Radio Today


While the 2SM network is done very cheaply and I question some of the skills of some of the FM national news readers. I have a keen interest in radio and I could do a much better job. However in saying so, the local presenters that many of the local stations employ do an excellent training service for the radio industry as a whole. If all these stations were owned by Austereo for example very few announcers would have jobs apart from if they were lucky enough to get jobs at the hub stations. The super radio network the majority of stations on the AM band are local far more then they need to be from a regulatory stand point. For example 2AD in Armidale is local from 6am to 6pm with a 3 hour window for John Laws from 9am to 12pm… A similar sized Austereo station 2GZFM in Orange for example is only local at breakfast. I have noticed that they have stopped some of the localism on their FM stations in smaller areas such as 2PK/The RokFM in Parkes. Previously the station was local until 2pm… But overall they are doing a much better job then their counterparts.


As far as the Super Radio Network newsroom is concerned (although to an extent, this is probably applicable to most radio newsrooms these days), unfortunately many of the better reporters there will generally go onto bigger things after a relatively short period of time. But of course, you certainly can’t begrudge anyone who wants to further their media career somewhere where there are more expansive opportunities. Of course, I do hope that the appointment of Geoff Field (who is a quality broadcaster) helps lift the standards of their news a bit.

I’d generally have to agree that the quality of local content on SRN/BOG in regional areas is fine for the most part (at least from my limited observations), however the rather dubious quality of network programing (especially the stuff that comes out of 2SM, with the possible exception of John Laws) really lets things down.

2SM really needs an owner who’s willing to get the station participating in radio ratings surveys, properly competing with the MRN stations, perhaps even picking up some disgruntled 2UE/2GB listeners along the way. One can dream, right? :slight_smile:


I think most of the time they would be better off just playing music at a local level with no announcers whatsoever. Or at minimum get one of the announcers they have on during the day to voice track the program up to say midnight.(That would take no more then 30 minutes) The presenters they do have in Sydney are not rubbish they are good presenters. I mean Graeme Gilbert for example used to do the breakfast show at 2CC Canberra before moving to 2SM. Having good presenters doesn’t mean a quality program if the talk back or crap there of is not up to par.


I listened to a bit of 2SM’s overnight program last night and the presenter spent ages reading out loud from a government website about what benefits refugees are and are not entitled to once they have been granted official refugee status. I think he was trying to be positive by highlighting that refugees are not entitled to anything more than any other permanent resident in Australia but it was pretty dull radio. Presumably he was reduced to that due to a lack of callers.

I switched off at the point where a caller was jokingly accusing the presenter of being a refugee in NSW as he was a Queenslander. Was initially funny but quickly became boring! Before I did switch off, however, I heard the presenter mention that he was broadcasting from Newcastle. This made me wonder - how much of the network programming actually comes from Newcastle as opposed to Sydney?


I could be wrong but I thought afternoons and overnights came out of Newcastle and the rest Sydney. When John Laws is away Leon Delaney comes from the Murwillumbah studios. But I said I could be wrong.

I listen to 2SM from time to time as I am in Sydney and like to hear the callers from country towns. Are you still in London martp?

My thinking seems that the Carallis group is the logical buyer of 2CH seeing that it is worth almost nothing. Time will tell I guess.