1620 kHz Brisbane and 1620 Sunshine Coast

Continuing the discussion from Narrowcast and AM Narrowband Radio:

On June 18th, I sent Italian Media Corporation in Brunswick West, VIC a report of the streams on 1620 kHz received by me in January with a recording of the Next (Test/Tech?)Music Radio ID from January 2nd as well as the music log from January 10th with the “Radio Italiana Australia” ID.

I had already found a number of email addresses off the web site and app, but only two email addresses with Rete Italia domains finally worked, however these were returned with Niche Radio and il Globo(newspaper) domains.

The fast reply after a few hours from journalist DM was a short acknowledgement with Regardas from Niche Radio Production , recognizing the programming heard. She says they now have 3 1620 kHz on air, 2 in Brisbane and Caloundra, Queensland and 1 in Melbourne, Victoria. (The latter would mean they have taken over 3CW and that Wangaratta no longer is on?!)

A kind, but quite vague statement indeed, I have been able to find out by means of the Rete Italia app that they have/had 3 streams, Rete Italia ”La Radio Italiana in Australia” (audio), Rete Italia TV (same audio as former). The third is Rete Italia Next.

Fom the web I have seen that the ‘Niche Radio Network’ channel started with great hopes in 2011 and still exists but seems to be rather anonymous, with website down and running Ethnic leased programming from 3pm to 10 pm local. It has until recently been broadcasting at least on the Brisbane and Melbourne MW frequencies while Rete Italia was carried 24/7 on the other outlets.

My conclusion is that both the regular Rete Italia(main channel) and maybe also Rete Italia Next programming was heard here in Norway on 1620 in January. And the remaining QLD sites Capalaba, and Caloundra, QLD may have been involved at the actual times and dates. Most likely both were heard with broadcasts supervised by a local engineer in order to test and/or keep the remaining Italian Media Corporation frequencies in-house and on air. However, signs are that also these will go to other operators.


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