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two different departments, but I reckon give it a little bit more time now that the new news guy is in.



ten daily using Instagram stories to give an overview of the day’s top news stories:


A simple concept but a great implementation imo.


They should get onto that snap chat thing as well to try get some younger audiences.

Have to say they’ve executed this quite well. The question is whether there’s an audience and revenue in this.


Snapchat is dying other than for person to person contact (and even then…). Instagram stories are the one.


Instagram is the way of the future. Would not be at all surprised to see it take over from Facebook as the top form of social media. Most people I know are using Instagram more than Facebook now.


I agree with you but I don’t use it because I do not understand how to use it. Following and followed by is all very confusing to me. I am by no means a luddite but I do not understand the concept. And I don’t really want people to know who or what I am following. Can you conceal your identity on it?


I use each platform for different reasons. I use Instagram to showcase my photography and travels, and Facebook for news and info each morning. I would get more use out of a FB version of Ten Daily. But each to their own.


Video montage here.


You can set up an account which is private so you can choose who sees the photos or stories you post. You can then follow whoever or whatever you are interested in and their posts will appear on your feed.

While you will appear in their list of followers, your activity will only be noticed if you “like” what they have posted. I’m not sure whether you can conceal your identity in their list of followers though.


I’m sure I’m well above their desired age group but I’ve found it interesting for lightweight kind of stuff, although I generally avoid those sort of sites.



On the news tonight Georgie said the coverage would have the “official BBC commentary”.


Ten Daily streaming is lightyears ahead of Tenplay because it doesn’t use the backend, so hopefully it gets a bit of traction. If they push it out to Facebook it could also do quite well, assuming no other networks stream it.



TenDaily’s royal wedding coverage will be commercial free.


That makes it the big 3 commercial networks then.


If you note the wording on the proms, Seven and Nine are only commercial free for the “full wedding ceremony”; so commercials through the rest of the coverage.


Interesting considering Ten isn’t broadcasting it on their main channel.

I’m predicting we’ll see a tonne of ads pop up saying to watch it via tendaily.


Wtf did I just read :joy: