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These teaser promos for integration with Ten shows could’ve been executed much better IMO.


I’m a bit disappointed that no advertising for tendaily has been seen anywhere? Not even an ad on Ten was shown?!


It’s go time.

Site quite slow to load for me as of 730am, but really nice, clean design, and content isn’t as Buzzfeedy as I was expecting either.


It’s not too bad, only criticism I have is that it seems all over the place, no clear sections. Other then that looks pretty hip and edgy, reminiscent of ten’s golden era of the 90s/00s.


Looks alright. There’s a lot of little things which demonstrate that a lot of thought has gone into it; for example, a note about how long the article will take to read. Suits the brief of the site quite well, in that it’s supposed to be a quick and easy hit of the news. They’ve also made sure to cross-promote the Ten News product a lot through embedded video tweets from the Ten News twitter account. It’s an obvious no-brainer but it shows they’re making an effort.

Quite like it so far.


Sandra Sully will be on Studio 10 this morning to talk about Ten Daily.


Now that the site’s live, you can start promoting it. Promotion leading up to launch is pointless because people don’t have the attention spans anymore.


So ten daily is like the nine.com.au but by ten?


Network Ten’s New Website Launched Today.

Network Ten today launched ten daily, a fresh and exciting website that brings Australians the latest and best in news, entertainment, lifestyle, food, opinion and sport content.

The standalone, mobile-optimised website has a strong focus on short-form video, drawing on the resources of Network Ten, the home of some of the most iconic and talked-about television content in Australia, including MasterChef Australia, The Bachelor Australia, The Bachelorette Australia, Australian Survivor and The Project.

ten daily is also the home of exclusive content from Network Ten’s on-air talent and the ten daily editorial team.

Contributors to ten daily include Lisa Wilkinson, Sandra Sully, Waleed Aly, Joe Hildebrand, Hugh Riminton, Sarah Harris, Angela Bishop and Matt Burke.

The launch of ten daily highlights Network Ten’s ongoing commitment to expanding its digital media business and giving Australians access to content whenever they want it, wherever they are and on whatever device they are using.

The new website joins Network Ten’s industry-leading digital platform tenplay, which remains the home of multi-screen online catch-up and live streaming, and averages 2.85 million unique visitors a month (Source: Adobe Analytics, April 2017 to April 2018).

Optimised for the mobile experience, but accessible on all devices, ten daily offers smart, snackable and highly shareable video content stories. Its website, social channels and newsletters tap the growing demand for short-form content and create a new way for people to connect and engage with Network Ten’s content, on-air presenters and much more.

The new digital initiative is led by two of Australia’s most experienced and respected journalists – Executive Editor Lisa Wilkinson and Managing News Editor Sandra Sully – plus Managing Editor Melinda Cornford and Network Ten General Manager, Digital, Liz Baldwin.

Network Ten Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “The heart of our business is to create compelling, premium content that connects with people across all screens.

“Ten has always differentiated itself by being brighter, younger and louder than our competitors – an ethos clearly demonstrated with ten daily.

“ten daily is the ideal platform to bring Australians brand-safe, family-friendly entertainment in an entirely new and exciting way. At the same time, it fits our strategy of building Network Ten’s audiences on different platforms,” she said.

Lisa Wilkinson said: “We are delighted to be able to present ten daily to Australia. It is very exciting to be able to expand Network Ten further into the digital space, complementing our existing home of catch-up viewing and streaming, tenplay, with smart, snackable and shareable news.

“Focusing on entertainment, lifestyle, food, opinion and sport content, ten daily provides audiences with a new and engaging way to connect with Ten programs, talent and plenty more.

“With so much fantastic Ten content already available and even more brilliant, bespoke content to come, I am certain ten daily will become a must-visit daily digital destination,” she said.

Sandra Sully said: “We have a dedicated team of professional journalists across the country, who now have another platform to engage with viewers and showcase their skills, insights, and expertise with immediacy and impact.

“It’s real news in real time. Relevant issues, views and debate – I can’t wait.”

Liz Baldwin said: “We have created ten daily to complement our industry-leading tenplay
platform, which continues to attract new users.

“While tenplay’s peak audience times are at night, ten daily is designed to engage with consumers around the clock, in particular, from breakfast to early evening. It will capitalise and build on the compelling content Network Ten produces for all screens, as well as offering advertisers an ‘always on’ platform outside traditional broadcast times.

“Many of our on-air stars and presenters will be part of ten daily, giving consumers and advertisers a compelling and exciting new way to connect with great content. At the same time, the ten daily team will be creating original, compelling content,” se said.

Offering a wealth of powerful opportunities for advertisers to leverage right from launch, ten daily presents ample video advertising opportunities across news, entertainment and lifestyle verticals.

ten daily also offers a number of innovative advertising opportunities, led by “ten stories”, Network Ten’s native proposition.

Fusion Health has been confirmed as the official launch partner for ten daily and, to celebrate the launch of the new site, it is giving people the opportunity to win a luxurious holiday for four at Byron Bay.

To check out ten daily, please go to www.tendaily.com.au


ten daily: A Quick Guide.

  • ten daily is a standalone, mobile-optimised website, with a strong focus on short-form video.

  • ten daily offers deep content covering news, entertainment, food, lifestyle, celebrity, sport and much more, plus a fresh and unique take on the top stories of the day.

  • Network Ten is home to the most viral shows and influential voices. These now have an additional home on ten daily.

  • ten daily offers exclusive content from Network Ten programs, plus exclusive content from Network Ten’s on-air talent and the ten daily editorial team.

  • ten daily Executive Editor Lisa Wilkinson is one of Australia’s most respected and experienced journalists.

  • ten daily Managing News Editor Sandra Sully is one of Australia’s most respected and experienced television news presenters and reporters.

  • ten daily’s key target market is people aged 18 to 39, slightly younger than the primary TEN channel’s target market of 25 to 54s.

  • ten daily’s news content will be sourced from TEN Eyewitness News First At Five, TEN News social channels, ten daily social, the work of ten daily journalists and wire services.

  • Network Ten’s tenplay digital platform is a long-form online catch-up and streaming service. ten daily offers short-form content, designed to be consumed throughout the day.


Nice little bit of cross promotion going on, Jono Lea giving a spiel for TenDaily with the Eyewitness News branding (also looks like brightcove is the video hosting platform). Also note the watermark has tendaily.com.au not tenplay.com.au

EDIT: More looklives are popping out throughout the day, shot specially by the reporters for the website.


So promoting up and coming shows on tv is a waste of time then? At least they could of got peoples interest before it went live that’s all im saying. The whole industry is about promoting :+1:




you misunderstand. promoting a website with a splash screen saying ‘stand by’ is not going to engage the audience.

promoting a website that has content, constantly update makes far more sense.

TV programs are a different story.



I like that lighter-blue lighting around the screens!


I think you are misunderstanding me. There is nothing wrong with a bit of advertising leading up to the launch. If you advertised it properly nobody would visit a hold screen but rather wait till the launch date so it gets people talking about it. Promoting or advertising is same no matter where or what. Look it up :+1:


There has been advertising on social media. To spend money on advertising a product that does not yet exist in TV ads or whatever seems redundant, especially when Ten need actual ad buyers rather than using those spots to advertise themselves. For TV shows you need to create hype so people watch and you get ratings. Websites don’t need the initial ‘ratings spike’ on the first day, week, etc. so they can build an audience without the pressure, and advertise when they have content.


I thought they could have launched with something a bit more engaging than this. The challenge with online news is you’ve really got to spin your content or create it in a way that cuts through the noise. This doesn’t cut through IMO. If she elaborated more on how she coped with the bullies and what they did, and had video, it might be more popular https://tendaily.com.au/views/a180511crh/lisa-wilkinson-i-survived-the-schoolyard-bullies-but-too-many-aussie-kids-dont-20180513