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Ground zero @ tendaily


It’s all a bit… Adobe Photoshop tutorial. Not a fan of the very generic and uninspiring graphics. Mix it up, add some visualisations and graphics or something.


I agree, they already feel dated and don’t give me a lot of confidence in how the website is going to look when it launches. SCA already did the turquoise/pink thing years ago with very limited success.

Also feels very disconnected to the rest of the network branding which is a mistake (unless they plan to do a relaunch at the same time).


Incredibly minor thing, but I wonder if the colour of the logo is meant to the same colour as the accents colour in the graphic. It might be just my eyes, but I don’t think it’s the same.


Yeah it’s definitely not the same, the logo colour has more of a green tinge where the colour they’ve used on those graphics is more blue. I would presume also that they were trying to tie it in, but have missed the mark on matching it up and the overall design of the infographics also.




stand by for the launch :wink:


@lexington Any inside gossip on whether any other parts of the network will be getting a refresh when Tendaily launches?


not a graphics refresh from what I understand… but there is some work to unify the ten brand (like Nine did)


Awesome! So if thats the case, we may soon see changes to Eleven and ONE?


I don’t think it’ll be soon, but most likely.


I hope they stop this tenplay rubbish and just promote it as ten.com.au again.


they wont be.


Whats with everyones hate of tenplay? The times ive watched on there its been fine!


The catalogue is not that vast. Add to that and the UI was a bit woeful too.


Is it possible that Monday could be the launch of ten daily? Lisa put this photo up on Instagram last week https://www.instagram.com/p/BioTnnoBEOa/. While the post itself has nothing to do with ten daily, what caught my eye was the comment from kellybakermedia (LIFESTYLE EDITOR ten daily) which reads:

“Hey @Lisa_wilkinson we CAN’T WAIT for Monday and the kick off of @tendailyau YOUR story is amazing and heartfelt and all the wonderful things … here’s to changing THAT situation and maybe the world. Big thanks and bring on the day of live @tendailyau COUNT DOWN HAS BEGUN! :heart:️”"


you could be onto something :wink:


VERY soon