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By my calculations there will be a staff of around 18-20 for the new site, not a lot really if you were to compare the size to competitors in that space which wouid probably have easily double that or more working to produce enough daily content to make it a worthwhile exercise to keep people coming back to the platform.

I agree that I would’ve liked if they’d taken their broadcast news online as well to invest in that but who knows, that may be in the pipeline for another standalone news site service when the new director of news content, Ross Dagan, starts next month.


Some tweets about the job positions being advertised.


Promoting it via their Instagram story also


as I understand it, the broadcast news department will service ten daily too… The Project as well.

I believe they’ll have their own portals, or subdomains probably.


I really do not understand why they’re investing time and resources in this venture considering the core broadcast television business is in such a mess.


because the core television business is no longer sustainable.

TEN’s audience left a long time ago and the network is playing catch up.


I’m not sure I see how yet another news, entertainment, lifestyle online offering in a sea of such sites regurgitating the same stuff is going to make them sustainable.


it’s competition. they’re aiming to compete with news.com .au, mummamia etc. Keep in mind that Yahoo & 7 and Nine & MSN have split… so they’re going to be weaker for that…

I don’t know whether it’ll work, but it’s gotta be better than what Ten have been offering for a decade or more.


Me either… what does make sense to me is shutting down ten and moving it all online (like what they have done with bbc3)

Get ahead of me he curve


@lexington, you previously said “April”, any more update as to when it will be up and running online.


nothing on my radar, sorry.


Itll be put off like russell coight! :joy:


“Coming this month”


This would be a good opportunity for an on-air relaunch too.
Thats a nice font and change from Gotham.


Meanwhile, the ‘under construction’ page which shows when you load tendaily.com.au still has ©2017…


It’s a placeholder landing page when the domain was set up after it was announced again at upfronts last year, no doubt the site will be updated accordingly.


Ten Daily’s twitter account has lit up tonight with budget updates


looks good for a trial run.


Same on Insta as well. Been a while since Ten’s news division paid attention to instagram.