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I’m under the impression that it’s going to more of a Buzz Feed type thing?


I’m confused. Why has Sandra Sully been appointed Managing News Editor of Tendaily?


Kinda ya


Ten Daily will have News - and Sandra will be Managing Editor of that part of the content.

But that is not what the site is all about - news is just one element.

“Ten Daily will deliver smart, snackable and highly shareable video content stories largely designed for the mobile experience. Coming to life via the website, social channels, daily newsletters and other channels, Ten Daily will capitalise on the growing demand for short-form content and give Australians a new, exciting way to connect with our content, on-air presenters and much more.”


I understand that mate. I know its not just news…but what im saying is to suggest having a platform with a quirky name like honey etc is silly. Its great that they incorporate the actuall Ten logo into the name rather than calling it something totally differant.


Wait so Ten Daily is like Re: in NZ?


New appointment for tendaily, Josh is currently the editor for Huff Post AU.


Huff Post AU is shedding jobs post fairfax split. Lisa Wilkinson previously contributed to HuffPo as well, so not to surprising that Josh Butler has moved over. I suspect a lot of ex-HuffPo reporters might end up at Ten Daily.


So when are they launching timbaily?


April I hear.


Another former Huff Post AU (and before that BuzzFeed) reporter is joining ten daily.


Seems ten daily has cleaned up some more former HuffPost AU staff with Siobhan Kenna also now joining Network Ten as News Reporter for the new website.


9Mums editor (part of Nine’s 9Honey women’s platform) Kelly Baker has joined ten daily as Lifestyle Editor.


Jheeze they’ve hired a shit load of people for this venture. You’d want it to work. One wonders if they’ll contribute across the network as well.

How much demand is there for a short form content from ten. Hopefully this is all integrated across their news output as well


it’s a whole new website they’re launching. tendaily aims to rival 9honey, buzzfeed, news etc.


Another HuffPost AU staffer joining Ten Daily


Current Studio 10 ads producer joining ten daily

Also Hugh spruiking some available digital journalist positions


Former SMH Escape digital content producer and journalist Mark Brook has joined ten daily in the role of Senior Lifestyle Reporter.

They’re also currently advertising for the following positions:

Deputy Editor
Entertainment Editor
Deputy News Editor
Senior News Reporter
News Reporter
Entertainment Reporter


Jesus they’re hiring a shit load of people for this. I sense some danger in all this falling apart. I’d like it to work but have doubts. Better off infesting in their own news brand and making that multi platform.


Daily Bailey has that covered.