Ten Daily just doesn’t sound like a good name.
It’s not got a Buzzed, mashable kinda sound to it.
I get they want the Ten brand in there - but Ten daily - it’s so generic.

maybe it could have had another name - and work the Ten logo into the logo - but people barely go to Ten for television. I can’t see them going to Ten online.

I think a new brand (like Stan) should have been created. And the Ten logo worked in somehow.


How about TenTen.


haha cute - i like - but not quite right

I’d have to disagree, ten daily instantly establishes a connection to the Ten network which is important and the use of daily implies that there is a daily presence of news and content to the website.

Far better than competing websites in the same space such as Yahoo7 be and 9Honey, which do little to identify what they’re about other than being connected to Seven & Nine accordingly.


TenDaily sounds almost like a relic of the pre-internet age. It screams more newspaper to me than instant online presence. But I’m not against having the name of the network there as long as it’s not something overused like “Now, Plus, Extra”.

I can see @KICK-IT’s argument as well though, but those names are not easy to come up with and make stick. For every Buzzfeed, there’s at least a few failed online news sites.

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Ten Daily sounds good. A lot of failed sites have stupid names which people tend to steer clear of. Looking forward to the site becoming online!

Is 9Honey the stupid name you are referring to?


Yeah thats one.

Ten Daily sounds good to anyone blindly in love with the Ten Network.

To a Brander or marketer - it’s a really bad choice.


People barely go to the Ten network for news and entertainment - and it’s got a 70 year brand legacy. We are talking 9-12% shares.

If people barely go to Ten - why would they start clicking onto a news a digital content portal with the same brand?

If this really is a new digital content portal - they need a whole new brand.

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unless maybe, just maybe, this is part of the new Ten. people, and companies can change you know.

Especially as Nine and Seven begin to be devoured by their debt.

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I like Ten and I want them to be a success. But they don’t seem to have much strategy.
I’d say this is just a badly devised brand - rather than a new strategy

Which network has a good brand?

Ten really needs a better online news presence and while what they’re doing with “ten daily” sounds promising, I personally think the network would be better off having a common brand for both the on-air and online news services.

wait and see.


So create an online website using a differant name but claim its part of ten network? That sounds stupid. Why wouldn’t you want to link the main assett up with online presence?

Are you hinting that the “Eyewitness” brand is out of fashion, yet again, and “Daily” is going to become integrated with the Ten News brand?

We already have “The Daily Bailey” in Sydney. Could it be possible we’ll be seeing “Ten Daily at Dawn”, “Ten Daily at Dusk” and “Ten Daily After Dark”?

I’m not saying anything - mainly because I don’t know the full details.

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Ten Daily After Bailey - make it happen


@SydneyCityTV @Bob

Ten Daily is not Ten News online.

It’s a mobile first short form / snackable / sharable video content service - that will be pushed out across many channels - .com, Facebook, Twitter etc.

It is not Ten News.

It’s not going to be 3 minute interest rate and political stories lifted from News at 5

It’s a totally different thing.