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I don’t think it’s been publicly stated, but increases of 25% per month look good when you’re starting from such a low or no base.

I’m glad they’ve started feeding content through to Apple News, makes it easier to follow some of their content and will increase their reach potentially.


Google News as well. Good stuff.


With a lot of redundancies happening at Buzzfeed Oz currently, we could see some of the good talent there end up at 10 daily in the entertainment or political space.


BuzzFeed and good talent do not and have never belonged in the same sentence


well that’s not entirely true.


Doesn’t 10 Daily already have one or two reporters who were previously at BuzzFeed Australia?


and managers




Is she replacing Sandra Sully?




Sandra is Managing News Editor.


What’s the difference between a “managing news editor” and “news editor”? Sound like the same job no?


I’d suggest the news editor is more responsible for overseeing the nuts and bolts of daily news content. Sandra’s role sounds more of an overview or overarching role. Just from what I’ve gathered.


News Editor edits and publishes articles, Managing News Editor will provide editorial direction, makes bigger content decisions, mentoring etc.