10 Play

Days of Our Lives is now on 10Play.

For those who watch it Foxtel did not manage to get up to date with the US so you will need to watch the last 3 episodes that are on 10Play and then from 9am tomorrow you will be up to date and watching alongside the US.

6 commercial breaks per episode. This will be a big change for fans who have been watching it ad free on Binge for the last few years.

Some decent promotion on 10 play, it’s on the top carousel and there is one about halfway down the home page too.


Like sands through the hourglass, so is 10play loading…


A couple of new 10 play Pluto TV FAST channels:

Adult Animation - Watch full episodes of TV shows for free on 10 play - Network Ten

MTV Pranks - Watch full episodes of TV shows for free on 10 play - Network Ten

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I’m confused about WIN’s choice of footage during the 10 Play portion of their MDV shutdown promo. Theoretically, it would make more sense for them to show (screen-recorded) footage of the main channel’s live-stream on that site rather than use some random show’s catch-up page. Plus, I prefer to believe that they chose Ready Steady Cook because of its (original) animated opening sequence that has probably been burnt into every 2000s Aussie schoolkid’s brain over any other reason.

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There’s not a lot that WIN does that makes much sense, like using both versions of the 10 play longer in the strap on the bottom when one would’ve truly sufficed.


No 10Peach and 10Bold live at the moment.

Possibly preparing for the name changes?

I wondered why the Bold Foxtel iQ wasn’t working!

They’re back. No changes yet.

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Didn’t even notice, but the Ten with the arrow instead of the circle is too subtle IMO, needs the “Play” if you’re serious about opening that up to new audiences who wouldn’t have used it previously.


Except in that instance (not created by 10) it literally has the regular 10 play logo and the web domain next to it.


New Australia’s Next Top Model FAST channel has been launched, to sit alongside the US version.