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@TV.Cynic do you have any figures or data about how Judge Judy is doing in the 6pm timeslot than say, what was airing in that slot previously.


Nothing sorry.


10 Boss had been encoring the NCIS re-runs from the Monday night marathon during weekday afternoons at midday, usually a month or so behind. But have suddenly skipped from Season 4 to Season 11 or something with the New Orleans crossover two part arc.

In fact the schedule is filled with a lot of NCIS, including late re-runs on weekends now too.


It’s better to be bold than bossy

(A statement from Network 10 re new name for 10 Boss)

“There is so much to love about 10 Boss - the brand, the attitude, the position. 10 Boss does a great job of representing the slate of drama, action, live sport and kick-arse programs it airs. We invested heavily in making it great and it looks really really good next to all our new brands – 10, 10 Peach, 10 Play, 10 Daily and 10 All Access. Viewers are digging it!

“But some were not so happy, as so often is the case. And it didn’t take long for Fairfax Media to voice their displeasure at the name. Fairfax and Nine thought we were trying to rip off their BOSS brand. Really!

“Anyone that knows 10, knows we’re no Grinch. So in the spirit of giving and as an early Christmas present to our friends at Nine, we’re flicking the switch to 10 Bold. That’s right, from tonight 10 Boss will become 10 Bold. We think it’s better to be bold than bossy.

“We want to start 2019 fresh with a great suite of channels and with brands that work. We want to focus on creating great content for our viewers.

“The only thing changing is the name. 10 Bold will still be the home of some of the boldest characters on TV – think Madam Secretary , Judge Judy , MacGyver , Lieutenant Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU and Cordell Walker from Walker, Texas Ranger . Your favourite shows like NCIS and CSI: Miami also remain, not to mention the Formula One , MotoGP and A-League . And it will still be targeted at women and men over 40.

“It’s a bold move we know packing up 10 Boss as a present to Nine but we know it’s the content and the attitude you love about the channel and that’s not changing. Since relaunch, the channel’s commercial prime time share has grown. Yep, grown.

“And as Christmas is a time for forgiveness, joy, hope and peace, we wanted to end 2018 the way we intend to start 2019 – bigger, bolder and brighter.”

Network Ten Pty Ltd
Ten On-Air Presentation

Da what? Boss was not great but WTF is Bold?


Standby by for 10 Peach to be renamed 10 Italics :wink:


Wall to wall episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful? Still don’t like that font.


Or 10 Underline


Holy shit that press release :joy:


These new style media releases often have to be carefully read before understand WTF they are about :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Ironic that the font for 10 BOLD is not in BOLD. :wink:



Might need a fifth logo change :wink:


Considering they had to change the name I would at this was a massive failure. The research department obviously didn’t do their research. What an embarrassment.


Now, how long before 10 Peach changes?


Tomorrow? 10 pink. It’s better to be pink than peachy.


:joy: or 10 Beautiful?


You know what? 10 Pink and 10 Blue could have been a good idea.


Just two letters different from Boss. They were considering Bolt but that was apparently taken as was Bort where the logo looked too much like @Bort. (Bore, Boob and Bomb were also rejected).