10 Bold - Programs and Schedules

Yes. Why would you make one of your multichannel logos follow one design and have all the other logos look different?

They should have just used the same font and style as play, daily and speaks for boss and peach.


The in-circle design must be part of a legal settlement with Fairfax.

The whole thing is laughable, as has been pointed out I would’ve thought there might’ve been a bigger case re 10 Peach from 9 with similar logo and naming to their 9Honey platform.

I can’t believe 10 are pandering to Fairfax.


Omg!? Wow balls up.

I saw the promo again tonight and the graphic designer was forced to change it for a third time. :joy:

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Amazing how CBS have turned ONE now 10 BOSS into effectively a CBS output channel and ratings seem to have skyrocketed. The Ten purchase looks great for CBS International with their output deal now secured.

But have they really sky rocketed? 10 BOSS’s shares are the same as they were a year ago.

Looks larger to me than the ~2-3% they were averaging before with the more original content they used to have? But I agree ELEVEN now 10 Peach’s poorer numbers also make its figures look bigger.

I just checked the shares for this week last year and the shares are pretty much exactly the same.

This week:

Monday 4.2%
Tuesday 3.0%
Wednesday 3.8%

I’m sure that is appreciably higher than when they were much lighter in the CBS content.

Thursday 2.6%

If you look at last year in this week, apart from Wed, it wasn’t that different.
Monday 6 November 3.9%
Tuesday 7 November 3.1%
Wednesday 8 November 2.3%
Thursday 9 November 2.5%

They should take it further and run daytime content such as CBS This Morning, Hot Bench, Let’s Make A Deal, The Price Is Right, Steve, etc

Yeah. We really need to transform it into an All American channel. :roll_eyes:

That 3.9% on the Monday - was that with NCIS Season 1 in the 8.30 timeslot?

They’re up to season 6, not season 1.

Last year, as per the post I replied to, had they started airing “Old Skool” NCIS (Season 1) at that time hence the higher share?

Right. When I read the initial reply it only had the Thurs bit there, sorry.

Actually not the worst idea. It’d give it a point of difference, and newer content would surely be preferable to endless repeats of Bondi Rescue and fishing shows, or those YouTube clip compilation shows

They still need to meet Aussie content quotas.

Movies in prime time this Saturday.