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My channel is also named Bort


An AFR spokesperson said: “We welcome the decision of 10 to rebrand their channel from 10 Boss in recognition of the heritage and value of AFR’s BOSS magazine. However, the matter remains before the court.”


I see that the marketing gurus at Network Ten came up with a really innovative replacement name! :rofl:

…rejected because of Andrew on Sky News Live! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


[citation needed]


I’m still seeing the 10 Boss watermark and promos on-air! I wonder when the 10 Bold branding kicks in…?



Socials have been updated


Probably 6.00pm


Also corporate letterhead

And email


Love that they’ve returned to the original font outside the circle. Very nice.

Not good for those who have an attraction to small watermarks though.


I think the criticism (which is valid) is that they need to have a variation of the logo where BOLD is stacked underneath the 10 for watermarks and other purposes where it’s more appropriate to stack it rather than use the landscape version which doesn’t work in all instances. It’s pretty simple really!


Brilliant press release :joy:
Such a shame as I really liked the name 10Boss, but this was expected given the court case.

Guess 10Bold is better than nothing.


I love the sass that the social team have since 10 began.
That press release is great. And I like BOLD over BOSS anyway.
I feel like only till now have we got their idea of what “BOSS” actually meant - ie “she’s so BOSS” in the use and meaning behind the word.

Nice switch to BOLD though. Can be implemented in many ways in promotions. (Even BOLD and the Beautiful :wink: )


Except The Bold and the Beautiful would be not associated with 10 BOSS in any way possible.


Obviouslyyyyyyy :wink:
That was the point of the wink lol


Hmmm :thinking:


I really liked the NCIS “hey boss”, shame


WIN BOLD is here.


10 Bold is here as well, although the EPG is still 10 Boss in Sydney.


In Queensland it started close to 6.30 with the change of program


BTW - that’s the sun rising on 10 Bold :slight_smile: