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Perhaps replacing the One News promo they throw in the last break of Home And away while that’s off?


Ah yea true


Breakfast broadcasting on Waitangi Day tomorrow. I’m pretty sure this is the first time a breakfast show has aired on Waitangi Day?


I think Breakfast has before and seem to recall Firstline maybe doing it at some point too?


1 News NZ breaking news.


1 Breakfast with Hilary, Jack and the crew will be live from 4am this morning as they cover the Port Hills crisis. You can watch the live stream here from 4am.


Breakfast Breaking Graphics

Web Graphic


Bernadine Oliver-Kerby has left TVNZ after 25 years. She is currently the newsreader of the Mike Hosking Breakfast show on Newstalk ZB.


Maere is back for 2017 with new look and set and new time of 10:00am.
Video shortly.


That set looks so fresh!!


Eww lol


Here is the video

It does, has a lite and airy feel to it, while also reflecting modern Maori.


Still a big step back in my opinion.


Former Breakfast weather presenter Sam Wallace on the Seven Sharp desk with Toni last night.


Anyone able to record and upload the 1 News update as seen on tv2? Don’t know when they changed it but I quite like it.


John Campbell appeared on Breakfast on Thursday morning talking about his new multi-platform series ‘What Next?’. Who would’ve thought these two would be where they are right now? Social media has responded very positively.


Are they screens or static panels behind them? They look great, a similar palette that News Breakfast on the ABC in Australia should have used to update their backdrop and for their opening titles as they were originally intended.


They are Screens, but the are only SD and you definitely see it when it’s on air.


TVNZ Studio,

I recently visited the TVNZ studios in Auckland and was able to take some photos, Enjoy


woah thats great,how did you get to visit?