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Yeah lol


1 have had a flipper up most the night like tv3. 1 have broken away from infomercials just before 4am to Hilary for coverage on the event. Reassuring having Hilary on as shes got past experience with earthquake coverage. Not sure if tv3 have done anything more than a flipper yet.


Hilary Barry continuing to present coverage solo


Hilary having done just over 6 hours, now swapping with Melissa Stokes until 1pm


Watching an ABC Aus cross to the TVNZ Auckland newsroom, I was interested that they could not organise a cross to Christchruch’s TVNZ newsroom.


Peter Williams has been presenting updates from when rolling coverage ended at 1pm. Coverage on this morning’s earthquakes will continue from 4:25 this afternoon. I must say this morning’s coverage with Hilary Barry was exceptional, she is being put to good use - a given as Barry presented rolling coverage of the 2011 Christchurch quakes on 3.


I suspect the local reporters may have all been out filing as part of the rolling news coverage.



Wendy Petrie reporting live from Culverden tonight; Peter Williams is presenting from the studio.


I think 1 News should use their alternative online logo. A lot tidier and whilst so simple, it looks a lot better imo. I used the closest font I could find and kept the boxes the same size but made the font a little small and different weights. Also doesn’t interfere with the flipper.


Kimberlee Downs and Rebecca Wright will be taking on Australia and US correspondent roles respectively in 2017. Downs replaces Ruth Wynn-Williams, who initially replaced Steve Marshall who is now a reporter for A Current Affair on Channel Nine. Wright vacates the empty US role left by Breakfast host Jack Tame.


Can’t recall the exact wording but Toni Street said something about a new feel for Seven Sharp in 2017 at the end of tonight’s year-ending show.


Well Sam Wallace is leaving Breakfast to do The Hits morning show with Toni but shes staying on… wonder who will replace Sam.

Do we get a new set for One News in the new year? Lol


I wonder if Brodie will just become the weather reporter? From what little ive seen of breakfast since its revamp she is essentially another roving reporter and shes good at that sort of thing.


So does anyone know if we will get a new set from 1 News when all the shows return?


Matty McLean is returning to TVNZ to replace Sam Wallace as Breakfast’s weatherman.


Darn. He really irritates me.


so theres no new set or graphics for Breakfast.


I cant see the need for their being new graphics but its a shame they didnt work on the set a bit more. Shame really how long are we guna put up with the 1 News set! I know its now only hit 5 years old but it just seems so long.


Breakfast, Midday and Tonight return today.


Just now at 5.55pm on 2 the watermark disappeared the 1 News logo came up with a strap that said At 6… actor shot dead bla bla bla … new?