1 News NZ


That was a joke :wink:




The circle/rings logo system looks farken terrible. Busy, awkwardly sized, poor legibility, uncomfortable lockups with other branding elements and just generally ugly.

From the supers and titles it clearly doesn’t work on screen, imagine it looks terrible in online/mobile application as well.


The beautiful package that was used previously was just ruined by the ugly logo and font. The supers look very unproffesional.


Really liking those new Te Karere titles… 18months to late!


Yeah! Those shots are beautiful… as for Breakfast. What a let down. They just used the lower thirds from the previous package and it overlapped the logo. Not nice :-1:


I did a font comparison


Heres the Te Karere intro thanks to NaruTVMock… I think the is the only programme that the font i suited for. Plus I know Scotty has a cheeky sense of humour so I dont think at the end hes typing anything at all :joy::joy::joy:


He’s such a funny and poised presenter :joy: TVNZ should consider him filling in on Breakfast and Tonight.


NaruTVMock has put together a compilation of all the intros. As well as mocking up the one for breakfast.


It seems TVNZ is using a combination of Radikal light, regular and bold with different spacings etc.
Here is a comparison


After all these years of wondering what Scotty’s Turou Hawaiki mean’t, I did some research (its caption as turou hawaiki so never knew what he was saying)

Turou Hawaiki - let the ancient homeland of Hawaiki glisten on in your minds eye for eternity… or in other words, “May the force be with you”


Breakfast was presented from the news set this morning, Jack citing that there were issues with the normal set that is also used by Seven Sharp. They have also updated the supers with weather, headline and time to align with the new font (the time looks like it’s for a kids show :joy:). Thoughts??


At least that backdrop looks kind of nice.


The font looks even worse in those supers than the lower-thirds used


Breakfast back in it’s own set today.


I dont like the Weather Today… they need to put the metservice logo back at the top and keep Weather and Today, one weight.


Daniel filling in for Jack on Breakfast today. Melissa Stokes presenting news.


Would be good if One News had special titles for their election coverage like all there other titles. Wouldnt be hard to use stock time lapse or still imagery.


They did. LOVELY. Lol