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Hmmm :joy::joy: I was expecting them to make use of the newsroom they just renovated…


Not entirely sure I like it. Comes across very BBC/Newshub which isnt a bad thing. The top of the set is very bare. Should be shortend down the same height as on the right hand side and a white illuminated panel on the left or right side. (Yes very newshub bbc idea!)

With any luck this will only be on air for the next 3 months but I wont make complete judgement until weve seen it on air!


Newshub Breakfast with Hillary Barry and Jack Tame




Looks like there is an extra monitor on the right side of the studio that looks like it might have been the old sport one.


Yea thats the one. I prefered the horizontal illuminated lines that used to be there to be honest… and the ones above the screens. Sets these days just rely on screens and lit up bars and pillars. Gets a tad boring.


Didnt recall seeing any intro titles here are some poor quality caps from the stream. New weather map too, stronger oranges, ticker is now a flipper.



Yep theyve ditched the titles all together making the intro sequence worse than before. Daniel please dont sit so awkward!


Breakfast, too dry, nearly spat out my weet-bix. Will go back to my porridge thanks, at least I can have that on the radio.


I disagree. More pace to it than previous format.

Floor manager surely… all those obscuring items


I really like the backgrounds, just a shame they arent in hd. Ruins it.


How long has that studio had a jib?


Wow I thought Aussie TV had some bad sets. That is terrible. Looks like a spaceship. So wrong for morning TV.

And why are the colors so flat and dull? Isn’t One in NZ in HD?


3D graphics are so pre 2010 aussie is behind :joy::joy: the set is lack luster but only guna be around for a couple months hopefully. Flatter grahics are by far better.


I know Australia is behind. And I knew 2D GFX are in.

I meant the colors look flat, dull, lifeless. Is in because these screen shots were taken off an SD stream and not a HD broadcast?


It does look slightly better on TV, @KICK-IT but still not great.



The whole thing looks like amateur hour in the morning. The only redeeming part of this show is Hillary, the rest is absolute shit.


Your judging shit based on what? Have you watched a full 3 hours on telly? Im not being bias but it has a lot more substance than any aussie morning show, no fluffy pointless awkward dragged out presenter banter. Its quick paced and bite sized nothing drags out long enough to make one want to change the channel.

Comments like that are usually based around jealously because we have a workable breakfast format that doesnt require buying its viewers with cash cows, or youre just a nz herald writer :joy::joy::joy: heheheeeehahaha lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t be offended by that comment. Not being nasty lol