1 News NZ


Appears very temporary. Will there likely be a full relaunch next year?
I don’t like the desk. Too big. The hosts appear to be crushed between it and the screens behind them.

I much preferred the previous set… This the hosts here all seem to click better. I think maybe Sam should be co-host with Jack on news?


This explains everything… http://www.thecivilian.co.nz/ufo-sighting-over-auckland-was-just-new-breakfast-desk/


Love the last paragraph.


One News to rebrand as 1 News. Article


Looks like one of the admins needs to change the topic name to

1 News NZ


Is TVNZ live streaming 24/7 yet? I’m aware that Duke does.


I get that TVNZ want to retain some familiarity with their rebrand (in contrast to the 3 News > Newshub rebrand by MediaWorks at the start of this year), but I personally would’ve thought that rebranding the news service to “TVNZ News” would make more sense than having “TVNZ 1” and “1 News” myself.

Also I wonder if they’ll do a full update of the current On-Air Presentation or just modify it to include the new “1 News” logo knowing that the current One News look is fairly new, having only launched in April last year…

TVNZ will start livestreaming it’s channels in 2017, as per the NZ Herald article listed above.


What a crock. 1 seems to just lack professionality and seniority. Almost comes across as childish and amatuerish.

TVNZ is too long. It doesnt roll off the tongue like BBC. I hope this fails because its a stupid move imo.


As long as the watermarks are tiny idc


It’s a waste of time!! The TVNZ brand as it is right now is fine and I don’t see the reason for an overhaul… as for the news rebrand, so unneccessary. One News was relaunched just last year with a spectacular look. BTW, name changes will be effective from Sunday.


None of it really makes sense. New look ONE NEWS (best uniformed brand theyve ever had) last year which was meant to feature new newsroom set but delays prevented that… then the breakfast struggles… changed that up… now come monday 1 News from possibly the same set with a halfarse unpro logo and perhaps the new set next year… midlife crisis or whuuut


The ‘fishbowl’ set was announced in 2014… :sleeping: I have to say the new 1 News won’t look nice if it comes from the current set, it’s too good for that ugly logo :joy::wink:


Is it tomorrow or Sunday? Some say October 1


Just goin off a tweet from @thetvnews


Hate this font seriously. There is nothing corporate about it. Far too commercial. However that new weather map is bit of a throw back to One News’ titles from 2000ish


The font on the supers looks exactly the same, or at least very similar to the one that Nine on this side of the Tasman has been using in it’s more recent branding elements (including the news graphics currently used in Perth and expected to eventually be rolled out nationwide) to me.

True to form, the new 1 logo doesn’t really work with the news graphics.



The font looks like it was used to create a news parody on a kids show tbh


I think it is the TVNZ Duke font which is called. RADIKAL BLACK.


I thought Blacksand created their own and called it Black Sans? Lol