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Who knows maybe over the weekend we will see something. They used to promote it during the ad breaks during the 6 but stopped that years ago. Maybe they need to have a tomorrow on Breakfast during Midday, 6pm and Tonight and Te Karere breaks.

Peter and Bernie on 6pm tonight…


I think given they copped plenty of flak for the way the hosting change played out in the media, they probably thought it better to leave any promo until the old hosts had left. They also wanted to launch it in 2017 afresh but had their hand forced by the leaks as well as ratings.


Although Paul Henry is my choice for breakfast TV, I can’t wait to see the new team on Breakfast come Monday!


Hillary with Jack and Sam looks like mother and sons


Same age gap as me and my mum :joy::joy:


Reminds me of their old look that was 2 refreshes ago.


Barry said in an article today that Breakfast will relaunch with a ‘new and very modern set’… will One News come from a new set too?


I suspect that the late News will but not 100% on 6pm. The current set is comming up 4 years old with Standard Definition screens for the video walls. So they may move all programming to the new set.

Will be a game of wait and see.


The quality of those of those screens has deteriated hugely in recent months. Especially doesnt help when its standard def and pixelated imagery. They have got a new plasma behind Greg on tonight though but thats hardly used or seen.


Is that the one that they used to present sport from.





Filmed on Wednesday when they all met up? :joy: bit of a lazy promo really. Youd think theyd advertise why theyd be better than beforem



I know it’s has nothing to do with the Breakfast promo but that One ident following it is simply stunning. It’s a shame our major networks can’t produce presentation elements which look that good


Yea, I caught that ident on telly the other day. Really nice. So basic but a really good location for a time lapse.


Are we all excited? :joy::joy:


This is hardly new, it isnt modern, the baking tray the desk sits on is an OSH hazard and the set is disgusting!


Soooooo modern. Soooooo state of the art. Never been done before…